Drew Henson getting some pub

Drew Henson is going big time. He gets a write-up in the New York Times discussing his pro prospects now that he's having success in NFLE. It's been so long ago that I sometimes forget what a big prospect he was coming out of Michigan. Our old friend Gil Brandt explains:

"When you look at the last three games he played at Michigan, you swear this is the No. 1 overall pick," said Gil Brandt, one of the architects of the Dallas Cowboys during the 1960's, 70's and 80's and now an analyst for NFL.com. "He's got everything you need -- arm strength, mobility, he's bright. But for some reason, he doesn't seem to put it all together. I don't understand it."

We don't either, but maybe it was just lack of playing time. Cowboys fans hope that NFLE is just what the doctor ordered for the kid, that he finishes out the season improving each game, and comes to training camp ready to challenge for the #2 spot.
At 26 and preparing to enter his third N.F.L. season, Henson is still young enough to enjoy a long career as a starter. But his prospects in Dallas are murky. Coach Bill Parcells has preferred veteran quarterbacks, and Bledsoe is entrenched as the starter. The Cowboys also like Tony Romo, the No. 2 quarterback.

The kid's got a few things going for him. One, the Parcells era is close to over, and two, Jerry Jones loves the guy. Once the Parcells/Bledsoe era ends, Henson will get his real shot.

The guys over at the RanchReport note that the Cowboys have been looking at some draft guys who are labeled as "athlete". Athlete being the catch-all term for QB's who will change positions or backs and receivers who are more of kick returners instead of position players. Parcells is a special teams freak, so we may see a late pick spent on an "athlete".

...two college quarterbacks in Missouri's Brad Smith and Virginia's Marques Hagans who will likely play different positions at the next level and who have also had private workouts by the Cowboys.

In addition, the team has also worked out Stanford's T.J. Rushing, a return specialist, and Fresno State's Wendell Mathis, a speedy running back that also has outstanding return ability.

So why the interest in return specialists?

Well, for starters the Cowboys top punt returner from last season, Patrick Crayton, averaged 7.2 yards/return ... which was good enough to rank 19th in the NFL. While that number may be respectable, Bill Parcells would like to see more production.

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