Rick Gosselin worried about the o-line

Rick Gosselin, of the DMN, put out his rankings of NFL teams. After the draft, after all the offseason acquisitions, Gosselin lined them up for inspection. He isn't sold on the Cowboys yet.

14. Dallas
Terrell Owens was the splashiest off-season addition by any NFL team, and Mike Vanderjagt brings stability to the kicking game. But the offensive line remains as large a question mark in June as it was last January, when Drew Bledsoe was sacked five times in the season finale. If the Cowboys can't block, they can't contend.
Final '05 rank: 13

Kind of low if you ask me. But he does hit the nail on the head with the o-line situation.

Charles Robinson, some yahoo over at Yahoo Sports takes some email questions about Terrell Owens. In response to an article Robinson wrote last week about Owens, found here,  he got the following email.

You, like most of the media, are a judgmental (expletive). You constantly twist every word or action from a guy and make it what YOU want it to mean. How can you say one guy totally wrecked a team's season? Is the team's "leader" and coaching staff that weak that the season hinges on one guy? One guy, who by the way, according to the "leader" and coach isn't needed to win? Are you a fortune teller or a journalist? Do your job and report what is going on and stop trying to make a story!

Jamie Tart
Durham, N.C.

[Robinson:] I think you're being far too narrow-minded about what kind of impact Owens had in Philadelphia. He was a constant distraction, he had a fistfight with Hugh Douglas, he ripped his quarterback, offensive coordinator and head coach, and he upset the team chemistry to the point where Donovan McNabb wondered whether he had lost the locker room. If you don't think that was a major reason why the Eagles fell apart last year, then you know nothing about how team politics can dramatically alter wins and losses.

I'd say the emailer is a definite Terrell Owens fan. But he has a point, how did the McNabb, Reid and company let things get so out of control in Philly? And can it happen in Dallas? Or are Parcells and Bledsoe tough enough to stamp out any fires that may come along? Interesting times for the Dallas Cowboys.

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