Kiper's Senior Bowl Complete Roster Grades

Hey, just wanted to give y'all the heads up that Kiper has put up evaluations for all the players in the Senior Bowl.  Some of them are a little bit frustrating in that he'll say something negative about one guy and positive about another guy but they'll both be slotted for the same round.  Anyways, here's what I found interesting:

1.) DB  Daymeion Hughes-Great anticipation, hands, instincts. Speed question. (late-Round 1)
While this does fall where our pick is, speed question? Doesn't that mean he would make a better safety?  This name has been thrown out there as a possibility for the 'Boys...

2.) DB  Leon Hall-Good all-around corner. Great anticipation, tackler. (mid-Round 1)
Seems like a better choice, but I think I've seen him going at least 4-5 picks higher than us.

3.) DB  Eric Weddle-Consummate playmaker. Versatile. Tough. Instinctive. (Round 3 or 4)
Here's what I don't get: CONSUMMATE playmaker, yet only a Round 3/4 grade?  I've heard this guy described as the perfect New England guy because he has played Safety/corner/running back/wide receiver in college.  Maybe draft him and let him compete with Watkins for the job?  Although, it seems like we now have bodies at FS, but no one who excites you.

4.) DE/LB  Anthony Spencer-Great natural pass-rush ablility. (late-Round 1 to mid-Round 2)  
Is that big enough to take over Ellis' place?  I know over on the strong side they have to be bigger to handle more of the run plays, but this guy seems intriguing.

5.) Lastly, there seem to be a lot of O-Linemen who all get the late-Round 1 to mid-Round 2 grade.  When counting from mid-Round 1 to all of Round 2, there are 8 or 9 guys just at the Senior Bowl who fall in this category.

Since I don't think we'll get the playmaker FS we're looking for where we're at, it seems like we have 2 options:

  1. Take one of the CB's (some I didn't mention) and move Henry to FS
  2. Trade down to the top of the second round and take the best O-linemen there.  Problem is, I'm not sure there's anyone worth trading up for (from the other team's view).
Anyways, that's just my two cents as things are playing out now.  All this will probably change quite a few times between now and Draft Day.  For those who have ESPN Insider, I recommend checking out all of Kiper's grades, just because it's interesting:

I gather that some people around here aren't huge fans of his, but his boards seem like a good place to start your board at and then adjust accordingly.  

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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