Miami Will Beat The Pats (thanks to The Dallas "bodybag" Cowboys)

Miami will win on Sunday against the Pats. And after they do, they should send the Cowboys a gift basket filled with cupcakes and bandages, ointment, ice packs, body bags and the injury report for the Pats. The card should read "You hurt 'em, we beat 'em...Thanks!" In fact, every team that's played a Cowboys opponent the following week should send a gift. Why? Because, so far, they've all won.

There is no official stat that shows a team's win/loss percentage as it pertains to the increase/decrease of players on their injury report from one week to the next, but every team that's played us this year has seen their injury list get longer. Here's what the beat down physical play of the Cowboys has meant to our opponents in their game the next week.

- The Giants lost to the Packers 35-13. Coming into the Cowboys game the Giants had 7 on the injury report, after playing us they had 9. Including starting RB Brandon Jacobs who was out for a month and a bum shouldered Eli Manning.

- The Dolphins lost to the Jets 31-28. Before playing the Cowboys, the Dolphins had 2 on the injury report, afterwards it doubled to 4. Including concussed LB Zach Thomas who was listed as "OUT" (in more ways than one)

- The Bears lost to the Lions 37-27. Remember that scene from "Necessary Roughness" when the coach wanted to toughen up his team and brought in a bus load of convicts for practice? When they got back on the bus to leave, they left that team writhing on the ground in pain. When Dallas showed up at Soldier Field and got off the bus, the Bears only had 4 players on their injury report. When the Cowboys got back on the bus and left, that injury list almost tripled to 11...heck we'll just call it an even dozen when you throw in their bruised ego. The Boys took the poster kids of the "Black and Blue division" out back to the woodshed and then handed them off to the Lions.

- The Rams lost to the Cardinals 34-31. Before playing Dallas, the Rams had 7 on their injury report. We sent them home having almost doubled that injury report to 13 including more than tripling the number of players listed as OUT from 2 to 7. The Rams medical staff earned their pay that day.

All told, our opponents are 0-4 in the game immediately following ours (Buffalo had a bye week after us). Before playing us, opponents had a total of 20 on their injury reports. After playing us, there were 37...almost double (not including the Bears' ego). Yesterday, the Pats said that Sammy Morris would be out for at least a month with a chest injury and Ben Watson has yet to participate in practice this week...2 more direct results of The Dallas "bodybag" Cowboys.

This team is physical on both sides of the ball. They pound, they beat and they flat out hurt the other team. Our opponents leave the field knowing that they've just played tackle football with grown men who don't like them and this bodes well for whoever gets them next. This week, the Dolphins will be the next team to benefit from "Camp Cupcake" and shock the world. Just watch.  

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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