Thoughts on the cowboys and other things that need to be said.

These are just things i wanted to share.  Things I've been excited about, grievances, and other thoughts.  Feel free to comment and tell me how you feel, what you think, and somethings you would like to get off your chest.

    I'd like to start of this entire post by saying that I have been excited about this upcoming draft since this past draft.  I am hoping, for once, that we will take an impact player on offense.  It's just been awhile, I love defense...don't get me wrong, I just want that feeling of "wow this could be the extra spark we need"  You know that feeling.  Even if we win the super bowl, To be a patriots/colts type team we need another impact player.

   Next, I was just on ESPN checking out the top 10 most feared running backs...guess what..Ronnie Brown is on that list, Edgerrin James is on that list, Marion Barber..the 6 foot 220 pounder out of Wayzata high school who has had more highlight plays this year than probably any running back other than Adrian not on that list.  You know, the NFC leader in rushing touchdowns last year...and this year. The player who is second in the league in avg. per attempt with players over 35 carries.  Naaaaah, who's scared of that guy?

   Moving on, I hate Tom Brady's hair.  I dont like Brady, but i liked him better when he wasn't a well dressed emo.  Randy Moss sounds like Juwanna Man.

   Now..What makes the AFC so much better than the NFC?  If anything, I almost want to say the NFC is just a more competitive conference.  In non-conference games the AFC has 14 victories to our 12 against them.  They also have 1 more team with 1 or less wins and 1 more team thats .500 or worse.  You tell me.

  Also, Just got word Tank Johnson is being able to come back and practice now, still not able to play.  That's good, at least now we know he won't be rushed onto the field.

  Who is it that does the post game shows on the cowboys radio?  Either way, I hate them.  They always seem to say the cowboys aren't that good..without actually saying it.  One of them went to the extent to say there is no way we could ever beat the patriots at any time this season.  Thats bull, I 100 percent agree with Patrick Crayton.  If it weren't for penalties and us basically beating ourselves, we could've won that many drives were stalled for us and extended for them due to freaking penalties!

  Going back to the draft.  I'm from Arkansas, not many people want Darren McFadden on this team more than me.  I, however, will not cry if someone like Mike Hart or Ray Rice is drafted.  I would however have a heart attack if he was still on the board and we took one of them...that of course, would never happen.  I'm watching the Razorbacks get worse around him and MAYBE that will lower his draft stock and we will still have a chance to get him.

   Wouldn't it have been cool to trade Julius Jones for Jason Taylor and say, a 3rd rounder?

    Also, New England fans are PISSED over the 1920's reporter guy...those guys need to get a sense of humor.  

   Well that's my rant for now, If I think of anything else maybe i'll leave it as a comment...or write another diary.  Who knows?  Thanks for reading, leave me your thoughts


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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