Here comes the tough stuff, the second half of the season

Well it's that time again..going into basically the second half of the season, and it's going to really be a test to see how good this team is.

    First off let me start of with some stats for you.  We have nine games left in the regular season, of those nine games only two teams have a losing record.  Those two teams are the New York Jets and The Philadelphia Eagles. I don't even want to throw the Eagles into that category because it's a division game, and who knows what can happen in a division game.  Every year, when I make my prediction for the win loss record of the season, I split the division 3-3.  They're just too unpredictable.

    Now, I'm not panicking or anything.  I believe we have a real good team and a great opportunity to make a deep run into the playoffs and even the Super Bowl.  You have to think though, this is where we see who the real Cowboys are.  Like everyone keeps saying, I would take 6-1 at the bye in a heartbeat.  Who wouldn't? Also, though, nobody expected the bears to be as bad as they are.  Heck, I wouldn't have taken Miami OR St.Louis to be as bad as they are.  I didn't expect them to be great, but I didn't expect them to roll over and die.

    Coming up to the next half of the season we will most certainly be challenged.  Heck, our next three games are division games.  If we can sweep that little trifecta there I believe it's going to be real hard for anyone to stop us.  Three division wins in a row would be a huge momentum boost, not to mention give us great separation from the rest of this division, not to mention the conference (hopefully).

    The win loss record of our upcoming opponents is 25 and 19.  That seems kind of close but you have to keep in mind that the Eagles have lost 4 games and the Jets have lost 6. So the schedule is tougher than the combined win loss record really shows.  Heck, of all the teams we play, those are the only two teams on our schedule at this point with more than two losses.  

    I realize that the season is still young, but I believe this is where the true colors of our beloved Dallas Cowboys well be shown.  We have to stay healthy, continue rolling on offense, and most importantly STOP BEATING OURSELVES.  If this team doesn't have heart I don't know what it does have, because we constantly commit stupid penalties and turnovers and come back to find ways to win.

  Push come to shove, I believe that we can win this division and keep playing great football. Barring a catastrophe or colossal breakdown we should roll into the playoffs (hopefully with a first round bye and home field advantage).  This has been an exciting season thus far and I don't expect the next half to be much different. Thanks for reading.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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