Impact of Tank Williams

I have been reading quite a few posts regarding concerns about the remaining games on the schedule and I agree. Even though the Boys are 6-1, I believe they are looking back at what has gone wrong execution wise. Major areas of concern in my view:

  1. Pass coverage: Opponents still seem to be able to make the

  key pass on third down. I continue to see Roy Williams,  
  either isolated in single coverage or missing an assignment.
  He can't cover a receiver in a wheel chair! Case in point
  the New England game. Randy Moss's touchdown was due in part
  to Roy letting Randy Moss go free to cover the wrong
  receiver. Later he missed the TE and then smacked him
  several seconds after the pass was caught. Big question mark
  there! We need a Bob Sanders (Indy) type player back there
  to complement our corners. Hopefully Anthony Henry's return
  hope he is back in time for Philly's game)will help settle
  the situation back there.

  1. Pass rush through the middle: I do not see it. It seems like

  unless the secondary can give our DE's enough time to work
  around the tackles to pressure the QB, the QB seems to be
  able to read the newspaper waiting for receivers to get
  open. This is where I expect Tank Johnson to make a HUGE
  impact, collapsing the pocket and forcing the play to the
  edges where Demarcus Ware and Greg Ellis can finish the

  1. Using the middle of the field on offense: Several times

  during the Viking's game I saw impending danger over the
  middle; balls being lobbed over there, balls being batted up
  in the air. I don't know but the last thing the Cowboys can
  afford to do is turn the ball over and self destruct with
  idiotic penalties, especially against the tough opponents
  that are licking their chops to play the Boys. No matter
  what, teams are always pumped to play our Boys.  
People keep talking about how the Patriots won in dominant fashion. That may be so, but it was not so until the 4th Quarter, when Dallas was trailing 31-24 and had just crossed midfield on 4th and 1. Dallas had momentum and driving convincingly at that moment until a stupid holding penalty killed the play. Give New England a few doses of our offensive line charge and Marion Barber's smash mouth running plays and we are in business.

The drive that gave Dallas the lead at 24-21 was very convincing, and demonstrated that the Dallas offense is capable of driving against New England. At the end our defense was simply running on fumes and hence point #1 in that they need to be able to stop opponents on some 3rd down situations and get off the field.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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