NFL Network update (2 Boys games lost?)

Two Dallas Cowboys games lost?

I and several thousands of other Cowboys fans will gladly suffer through the same commercials to watch the Cowboys for free.
We'll take Jerry Jones dancing. We'll take the "Wake up, people!" Pepsi commercial. We'll take the obligatory Peyton Manning commercial. We've seen the bizarre commercial with Tony Dorsett. We know that life takes Visa, but for everything else, there's Mastercard. Viva Viagra. We know that Dan Marino lost 22 pounds on Nutri-System. We know them all by heart.

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Time Warner Cable at odds with NFL Network
Two Cowboys games, 1 Texans game might not be seen by company's viewers.
By Kirk Ladendorf
Monday, October 22, 2007 (The story is October 23rd -- B.P.)

[Jerry] Jones plays a leading role in growth prospects for the NFL Network, which is the league's latest move to win more TV money by collecting it from cable television fees. The NFL has given its wholly owned subsidiary the exclusive right to carry eight of its regular season games, starting Nov. 29, and the network is negotiating with the major cable companies on how much it will be paid to provide the sports programming.
The issue is a big one in Texas, because two Dallas Cowboys games — Nov. 29 against Green Bay and Dec. 22 against the Carolina Panthers — are part of the package. There is another Texas game as well, with the Houston Texans hosting the Denver Broncos on Dec. 13.

The NFL Network says it is asking cable operators to pay "about 2 cents a day per subscriber" for its programming, which amounts to just more than $7 a year. The cable companies counter that they would rather put the NFL Network in a special programming tier aimed primarily at sports fans.
On Monday, the cable operator made what it described as a new offer in its two-year negotiations with NFL Network. The network could charge customers whatever it wants to cable customers who want to watch the games, and the cable company would simply pass the charge on to its customers.
NFL Network dismissed the offer out of hand.


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