Add another Great Victory to our history...

This Packer game was HUGE ... and it seems to confirm that Romo and this team will be bringing us many more great memories in the coming years.

In terms of Cowboys' History, where does this victory rank for you?  Obviously, us older guys have more memories to draw from, but what are YOUR favorite memories?

Obviously, the Super-Bowls will stand out for Cowboy fans.  And you're welcome to share your thoughts on these games.  Outside of the SBs, here are a few of my favorites ...  I look forward to hearing your stories on these and the many other ones from our GREAT history.

Dec. 23, 1972 - Divisional Playoff Game - Dallas 30 @ San Fran 28
Staubach throws two touchdown passes in the final minutes, initiating his reputation as a come-back kid.  

Nov. 28, 1974 - Dallas 24 - Washington 23
Clint Longley, then a rookie, threw two touchdown passes including the game winning 50 yarder to Drew Pearson with less an a minute remaining.

They all blend together, BUT ... Dallas - Washington Games from the '70s were epic battles, with the likes of Sonny Jergenson and Kilmer trying to out-wit the Doomsday Defense while Staubach often stole victory from the jaws of defeat.

December 28, 1975 - NFC Divisional - Dallas 17 @ Minn 14
Coined the "hail mary" by Roger Staubach.  

January 4, 1976  NFC Championship - Dallas 37 @ Los Angeles Rams 7
January 7, 1979 NFC Championship - Dallas 28 @ Los Angeles 0
While the Rams also got the best of Dallas in more than one 70's playoff game, these two BLOW-OUTS stand out in all Dallas fan's minds as testiment to our great 70s teams.

Nov 5, 1989 - Dallas 13 @ Washington 3
Dallas goes 1-15, with the only win coming @ Washington, as Dallas proves this rivalry is beyond records.  Another victory at Washington in 1991, during Washington's Super Bowl year, also ranks up there.

January 17, 1993 - NFC Championship Game - Dallas 30 @ San Fran 20
Jimmy Johnson guarantees a victory that was sealed when Alvin Harper took a crossing pass 60+ yards in the final minutes.

January 2, 1994 - Dallas 16 @ Giants 13 - Fighting for home-field throughout the playoffs (vs a wild card for the loser), Emmitt separates his shoulder and stayed in to carry his team to victory in easily the best game I've seen live.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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