Oh yeah, that Draft thingy...

Hey everyone, Kiper has his latest Mock Draft up:

As usual, you need ESPN Insider to look at it.  First and foremost, I was excited to see that he has Reggie Nelson (FS, Florida) as the Cowboy's pick.  From other draft projections, I'm not sure he slides this far down, but here's hoping.  Also, he has Redskins taking Jamaal Anderson (DE, Arkansas), the Giants taking Lawrence Timmons (LB, Florida State), and the Eagles taking Tim Crowder (DE, Texas).

I had another thought as I was looking through this though.  Doesn't it seem like Kiper's projections end up not holding form because when you look at the whole thing, you think, wow, every team should be happy with this.  I mean, nobody gets taken higher than they "should" and it all just seems to make sense.  Obviously, he can't account for trading picks, but I also wonder if all of the NFL teams wouldn't be happier if they drafted according to that Mock.

I remember hearing Parcells say in a press conference that about 30% of guys will fail no matter what team picks him up.  But out of the other 70%, it has to do with a combination of factors.  It suggests that if everyone did what they "should" do, the NFL as a whole would be better.  For example, would Charles Rogers, Mike Williams, and Roy Williams be better if they had been taken by 3 different teams (assume one is Detroit).  Then each one could learn from a more experienced guy, not have as much pressure, etc.

Note: I'm not suggesting the NFL mandate who gets picked by which team because I think the draft gives a competitive advantage to teams who can't spend/are hesistant about spending money for whatever reason (and can draft well), plus teams that get busts would complain.  It's better to let them choose their busts...

Also, Kiper has done a chat session. There were three that got my attention:

Q: Are there any good coverage safeties or corners in the second round that could still make an impact?

A: I think there are a number and the junior class helped in both spots. Chris Houston from Arkansas, Eric Wright from UNLV are intriguing. A couple other CBs, like Tanard Jackson (who could play S). In terms of safeties, maybe an Aaron Rouse (Va Tech), Michael Griffin (Texas), Brandon Meriwether (Miami), Eric Weddle (Utah), Josh Gattis (Wake Forest) may be 2nd or 3rd round guys, but I'd shade more toward the 3rd than the 2nd with some of these guys.

Q: What's the weakest (depth-wise) position in the draft this year?

A: I'd say right now, I would go offensive tackle, because we didn't have any juniors. The top OTs from the junior class all stayed. Also, OLB is very weak outside of Timmons.

Q: Are there any 3-4 NT coming out in this draft(other then maybe Branch), for the most part alot of the DT seem to be undersized?

A: Well, they are. You have to mix and match some of these guys. Some of them, like Tank Tyler from NC State and Ola Dagunduro from Nebraska would fit the bit there. In terms of that scheme, you have to mix and match a bit.

Not really sure what he means by that last part...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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