Stanback to QB rotation?

Possable #3

I was pondering the kicker situation ( lord, it is the off season ) and my usual flight of Ideas brought me around to what happens if we carry both Gramatica for FGs and extra points and Folk as a kick off specialist. That would have an impact on the team roster, a bigger impact on the game day roster.

Then, I started thinking about Stanback. Lets say he makes it back 100% from his injury like we all pray he will. He has a major task in front of him to make this roster. Now, it is well documented that Dallas wants him as a receiver, it is also well documented he wants to play QB ( but doesn't everybody ), but will play were ever he is asked too. I think the Cowboys drafted this guy with there 3 starting WR in mind ( I know, duh! ). Anyway, with 2 of them getting older and Craytons contract up at the end of the year, and all of them with a hx of injuries, one would have to agree this is sound thinking.

Ok, here he is 100% learning the newonsis(?) of the NFL WR position. He has the speed, ( some boast 4.3, but I think the only documented time speed is like 4.5 ), he showed in collage that he could run with the ball, and I have read reports that he has great hands; Now all he has to do is the hard part.( were was I going with this? oh ya. ) so, even if he learns the plays and how to run decent routes, he would have to be truly outstanding to ever see the field this year.

The other position and the one that may give him a slim chance to play would be punt returner. Lord knows I would love to see another break away threat back there besides Newman. So, lets say he shows ability to do this, now we have a guy who can return punts, (possibly kick offs), and back up WR.

But, I would love to add more to that over flowing plate. How about making him the 3rd QB or Emergency QB? In every write up/Profile I have read about him there has been a mention of his patience in the pocket ( yet we know he can run) and how he was ever improving up to the time of his injury.

I mean picture the scenario, Flo plays like , well not very good and McQ isn't really that much better. Romo takes a blindsider and is out for more than 2 games, but that's not the biggest problem. This game is important, the opponents rush is getting there consistently( the team next week and the week after have even better pass rush/defenses) and all we have is Johnson, who comes in gets pressure throws 1 away then gets sacked, then tries to force the ball and gets intercepted. My god, It's the Bledsoe effect. Now we make a desperate move ( because we have too. In goes Standback, (and watch),  the rush comes, Stanback uses is Romo like ability to buy time and hits his out Marion Barber for ashort catch, but he busts it for 15. Next play the defense smartens up and plays coverage, oh no no one open, but hey look! Running room He takes off for another 15. Now the defense has to play real honest, of coarse our defense plays great and even scores one their self and we win. Now isn't that a happier story than, Oh, my god our LT sucks and our QB can't move so the seasons over!

I know Stanback (and watch) has a lot on his plate right now and really doesn't need more, but, but, but with no realistic prospects at 3rd QB and Bledsoe like or slower feet at second and boo coo WRs ( I think Crayton is emergency QB now, could be wrong, and why take starter of the field) why not see if he has real potential there?

I know Stanback has far to much on his plate to be looked at in any capasity at the QB position, but hey Johnson just doesn't fill me with "excitement of the possibilities". I've always been a day dreamer and like hearing and telling stories. Hopefully this nightmarish fairy tale will not present it self, but i JUST KILLED AN HOUR WAKING UP DRINKING COFFEE AND THINKING FOOTBALL.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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