Evaluating the 2005 draft...

Preferring to be an optimist, I couldn't leave well enough alone.  Going against my own stated theory that you need 3 years to evaluate a draft, here is my assessment of the 2005 draft class:

OVERALL:  Funny how much talk there is of potential "break-out" years among this group.  When you have 6 of 8 draft choices contributing after 3 years, you gotta call this draft VERY good.  It remains to be seen if we're talking PRO-BOWL great or just good.  A year under Phillips will likely answer this question.  Look for Ware, Barber and Canty to have break-out years and move this draft into the category of GREAT.

1-11 Demarcus Ware OLB Troy -- Just as with JJs comparison to Jackson, Ware will always be linked with SDs Shawne Merriman.  Ware has been a productive and valuable part of the defense, but if Merriman continues to put up hall-of-fame numbers, this will cloud the decision to take Ware.  You cannot call it a great decision, only a GOOD PICK.

1-20 Marcus Spears DE LSU -- Indecision about the value of the other Round-1 pick will hopefully be clarified this year.  He's been a solid starter, and now's the time for a break-out year.  GOOD PICK.

2-42 Kevin Burnett OLB Tennessee -- Again, indecision as to his long-term value, but you got to like a guy that feels like he deserves more time.  Burnett's shown flashes of brilliance.  GOOD PICK.

4-109 Marion Barber HB Minnesota -- Still potentially our franchise runner, here's hoping MB3 gets a shot at starting.  As much as I have been pulling for JJ, Barber has put up the numbers.  GREAT PICK.

4-132 Chris Canty DE Virginia -- As an ACC fan, I have followed Canty since his college days.  This pick has proven to be one of the steals of the draft.  GREAT PICK.

6-208 Justin Beriault S Ball St. -- This was one of the feel-good stories from the '05 draft, but his knees simply wouldn't cooperate.  Based on the numbers alone, gotta call this one a BUST.

6-209 Rob Petitti OT Pittsburgh -- Started his rookie year, but was consistantly helping his QB off the carpet.  Released within the year.  Only time will tell if we gave up too early.  BUST.

7-224 Jay Ratliff DE Auburn -- Sees playing time mostly in 3rd down situations.  A solid contributer.  GOOD PICK.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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