ESPN Hates On Boys!

Listening to ESPN's Mike and Mike in the morning yesterday reminded me of just how deep the anti-Cowboys bias goes in a lot of the media.  They spent several minutes giving their arguments for why the Boys would stink this year, and then finished by ADMITTING THAT THEY WILL PROBABLY WIN THEIR DIVISION!

How can this be you ask?  It's simple.  Some media members are just blinded by their hatred.  Of course it is easy to argue that fans are "blinded" by their love in the opposite way.  And of course that's true.  But then again, we're not highly paid (and supposedly trained) professionals.  I don't pretend to understand the bias, I just know that it is there.

Yesterday morning on Mike and Mike in the morning, they went through a list of the reasons why Dallas was not going to be any good this year:

  1. New head coaches never win
  1. Question mark at Quarterback
  1. Aging Wide Recievers
  1. Defense that was porous last year

and the icing on the cake . . .

  1. Can they recover from "The Bobble" last year in Seatle?

Now look, all of these things are fairly legitimate.  Having a new head coach can be both good and bad.  Our QB is unproven (if you don't count the fact that he was voted to the Pro Bowl last year).  Our recievers are aging (never mind the fact that they're still one of the top tandems in the leage).  Our defense WAS porous last year which is why we hired a well-respected defensive mind as head coach (see #1). But to me, listing "The Bobble" as the biggest hurdle for the cowboys shows me that they are completely unfamiliar with what's really happening with Dallas.  Yes it was heartbreaking.  But it doesn't seem to be an issue for anyone.  Does anyone act like they've lost trust or respect for Romo? If so, I can't see it.  And if that's the biggest thing to overcome (I vote for injuries myself) then I'd say they have to be in the top 10% of teams with a chance to do well this season (doing well defined by winning a post-season game).

Now I don't want you to get the wrong idea that I somehow hate Mike and Mike or ESPN.  The opposite is true.  I really enjoy the show and couldn't live without Sportscenter.  But this whole episode just reminded me that in our minute-by minute sports news culture that we've created, whatever ESPN says is news becomes the news!  Nevermind that they don't really know what's going on in Dallas.  Never mind that they incorrectly stated that Dallas has not made the playoffs since 96 (They haven't won a playoff game since 96). Nevermind that they completely dismissed Tony Romo as a "typical career backup" who always seems better than he really is(This is only his 4th season right?) When ESPN says something on the crawl, then that's the news.

The whole thing was really making me mad until they got to the very end of the segment.  Greeneburg asks Golic how he thinks they will finish.  After all this dogging and moaning and groaning, Golic says: I think they go 10 and 6 and win their division.  Greenburg replies: I say 11 and 5 and play in the Conference Championship.  


Bottom line: In ESPN world . . . 2 + 2 = 5

I guess that's OK as long as 5 means the Boys do well!


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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