Looking Back

You would think that upcoming opponents of our Beloved Dallas Cowboys would learn the lesson that pride comes before a fall.

I know, I know... various articles state that Wade Phillips is trying to keep a loose, fun atmosphere amongst the team, and I'm sure that it's true to an extent.  

But let's get real, you know that with 53 players on the active roster and two handfuls of coaches... some players do get wind of piss-off bulletin board material.

And if it works, let the opposing teams' players and the mainstream media continue to bash the Dallas Cowboys and disrespect them -- fueling the fire that leads to victory after victory... all the way to a Super Bowl title this year.

Now, let's look back and recap the NFL week-by-week pregame acts of disrespect towards the Cowboys:

1.  Prior to the opening night game against the New York Giants, starting running back Brandon Jacobs basically proclaims to a reporter that the G-men were gonna kick our a**es.  Result: Cowboys 41, Giants 31.  Brandon Jacobs sprained knee, out 3-5 weeks.

2.  Notorious Loudmouth Linebacker Joey Porter decides to rip on Marion Barber III (known as the MB3 Player by ESPN's Neil Everett and Marion the Barberian by DMN's Tim MacMahon), spouting off that his Miami Dolphins had something for the Dallas Cowboys and the bruising long-haired running back.  Result:  Cowboys 37, Dolphins 20.   Barber's stat line - 14 carries, 89 yds with 2 TDs... 2 catches for 6 yds.  What exactly again did you have for MB3 and the Cowboys, Joey?  And weren't you just a little late -- and looking stupid -- on Tony Romo's short flip pass to Tony Curtis inside the 5 yd line for a TD... as you failed to bring our QB down?  Furthermore, weren't you a non-factor in that contest, too?

Other Honorable Mention "Slights:"

3.  How about's Peter "Burger" King picking both the Dolphins AND the Bears to beat us before Weeks 2 and 3 respectively.  Of course, we know that we won @ Miami 37-20 AND in Chicago 34-10.

4.  And finally let's rewind back to Bad Rex -- the Hexed One -- Grossman, who decided to take a swipe at our quarterbacks' coach Wade Wilson in a preseason article for The Sporting News.  Do you all remember the sorry excuse of a quarterback blaming some of his problems last year on Wilson, who was then the Bears QB coach?  And how WW's replacement was gonna help Hexy improve?  Yeah, a lot of good it did throwing the younger Wade under the bus.  Way to go Grossman.  The new QB coach improved you so much that you're now on the bench because your play has gotten progressively worse -- on the heels of a beat down on a nationally-televised home loss in a Big NFC Clash against our Beloved Boyz!!!  Yeah, we got your improvement -- right here Rex!

Anyone heard anything about any of the Rams talking smack against the Cowboys... or any mediots continuing not to give us any semblance of credit?

May our opponents keep dissin' our team so our team can keep pissin' on them!!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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