Divisional Playoff Games

Next week, Fox would like the NFC championship game as follows

Green Bay @ Dallas

And CBS would like the AFC championship game as follows

Indianapolis @ New England

Last week, I went 4-0 on the my predictions. Predicting the wildcard games doubled my money from two to four cents, so here's my four cents on this weeks divisional playoff games for all its worth,

Green Bay over Seattle

Matt hasselback - We want the ball and we're going to score. Yeah, again, the only thing you're scoring Matt is another long trip back to Seattle without a win, because you're not winning this game. The NFC certainly has the better of the divisional games. In order for the Seahawks to have any chance, they have to get pressure on Favre, knock him down and win the turnover battle. Seattle will be getting their number one receiver back but with a very limited running game, it looks like it will be cold in Green bay. The Packers should shut down the passing game of Seattle, they'll pressure Hasselback with their front four and pick off a couple of errant passes and win the turnover battle ensuring the win. The Packers will spread out the Seahawks defense and throw it around and should win this game by atleast seven.

New England over Jacksonville

The weather condition will be the key in this game, and it looks like its going to be good, the Patriots should easily win this game, if the conditions were messy,  Jacksonville could of made a game out of it by controlling the clock. Jacksonville isn't a big blitzing team and play soft with their corners, if you don't pressure Brady, he'll pick the Jacksonville secondary apart. The Jaguars will punish the patriots, they're the more physical team, but they just don't have enough weapons on offense to compete in this game, unless New England is in a giving mood, it should be no contest, Patriots win by at least fourteen.

Indianapolis over San Diego

Indy will be looking for payback after the chargers won an earlier meeting this year in San Diego in poor weather conditions,  a game where Manning didn't play great, has six INT's and Adam Vinetiari missed a game winner late. Without Gates in the lineup, Indy will stack the line to stop LT, forcing Rivers to try to beat Indy with the passing game, too many third and long for the chargers to win. I think Indy will cause a couple of turnovers and will jump on the chargers early and wont look back, The Dome will be loud and Indy is finally healthy and should win by at least ten.

New York over Dallas (upset special)

The last game in New York, if it wasn't for a couple of calls that went our way in that game, it could of been a differnt outcome. Its hard to win three games against a division apponent in the same year. Out of all the playoff games this weekend, the Giants have the best chance of winning an upset game, not saying they will for sure, I just think its thee best chance out of all teams to knock off the favorite this week. The Giants are thee most dangerous team left out of all the teams left in the playoffs. Again, Eli Manning is the key for the Giants winning, he has to play mistake free football and hope the giants win the turnover battle to have a chance to win. Roy Williams will be attacked again all game, this time by Kevin Boss. The Giants will try to pound the ball and wear the dallas front seven down. Too much noise and distractions going on surrounding the cowboy organization, Ireland leaving, Gaines leaving, Coordinators and assistants talking to other teams about head coaching jobs, head coach fielding questions about his playoff record, T.O limping around with his high ankle sprain, not practicing at full strength and will not be close to 100% for this game and the quarterback running to Mexico with the trailer park trash girlfriend for a few days, Romo took heat for that, but he hasn't seen nothing yet, if the cowboys lose this game and Romo plays poorly, he'll face criticism like he's never seen before, and rightfully so. It would of been smart for him to stay in dallas and stayed out of the lime light until after the playoffs, he's brought all this criticism on himself from his own actions, right or wrong. T.O. will play but he will be very limited, he'll have to show that he is close to 100%, if not, the giants can probably then play him with single coverage and then double Witten. Dallas needs a more balance offense and has to do a better job running the ball on first and second down and stay out of all these third and longs. Romo cant get frustrated and start forcing balls into coverage. I dont buy the theory a team can just turn it on like a light switch come playoff time, the cowboys have not played a good game since the first half of the Packer game, if they start this game slow or pooly, they will start to press the issue, if they do, that's when mistakes happen, the first quarter is the key, Dallas for the most part have been a slow starting team and Romo and the cowboys have to come out of the gate and play sound mistake free football, dont turn the ball over, stay away from penalties and dont get down by ten or fourteen early. The Giants will move the ball against the cowboy defense, Dallas has to hold them to three's, I think this game comes down to a late fieldgoal in a tight game and for all thats been going on within the cowboy organization and the poor play down the stretch by this team and a limping T.O, I'm thinking this is going to be the upset special. I hope I'm wrong and its the cowboys in a blowout!!!!

That's my four cents for all its worth, Who are you guys going with this weekend in these games?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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