Barber to Miami next??

Interesting and it wouldn't put it past Miami since Parcells is in charge.  

Miami Dolphins Trying to Reel in Marion Barber? Smells Fishy!

Miami Dolphins fans have invaded The Landry Hat ever since former Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells was named head of operations over there. Parcells is picking apart the Cowboys organization. Hes already pretty much wrapped up the Cowboys scouting director Jeff Ireland. Now he is looking to snag one of our assistant head coaches.

So what the hell is going on here? Certainly, Mr. Parcells plans to pay us back, right? Were owed something, especially if he takes another person from the organization. Well, keep reading because this is going to get pretty interesting.

Theres been a lot of chatter about Miami trading its No. 1 pick in the draft. Theres been a lot of chatter in Dallas about drafting Arkansas junior Darren McFadden. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, an Arkansas alum, loves him. The Cowboys cant do that without trading UP. The Cowboys have two first-round picks, including one from the Cleveland Browns, which currently looks to be about the 21st pick. The other pick will be the last pick in the draft because the Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl.

This is where it gets crazy. Marion Barber is a restricted free agent. This means teams can bid on him but the Cowboys have seven days to match any offers. This could make for a war in the offseason, unless we sign him now. It is possible that he may be used as trade bait for this offseason and I was first to predict this scenario way back in early November.

Why else have the Cowboys stalled on signing Barber? Why would the Cowboys risk going into 2008, after a successful 2007, with a rookie running back and no one to back him up? Its a given that free agent Julius Jones is not going to be in the Silver and Blue next year. So, you would think Barber would be quickly signed for three years, right? Not so fast. The Cowboys signed Romo, Ratliff and Crayton. Not Barber.

Is Barber going to be traded to Miami, along with one or both of the Cowboys first round picks, for that top pick? I think Miami would love nothing more than to give Ronnie Brown less carries, because hes good. Bringing in Barber for 15 carries a game would give Miami a formidable force in the backfield. But does Barber want that? When Barber was asked earlier in the season about his limited playing time with Dallas, and JJ starting, he said he didnt care as long as the team is winning. Fair enough. Hes a team player. Hes a winner.

But is he going to be a Dolphin?

The Pioneer Press reported last week that the Cowboys were going to sign Barber.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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