Cowboys' Focus and the Recent Lack Thereof

So much talent.  So much promise.  So much personality...too much agency.  But it seems they are catching it before it spreads like cancer all over the locker room.  The remedy - self-discipline.  But like chemotherapy, it's a course of development and progression that requires an adjustment of mentality.  Present Status:  TBD.

What do you think will be the collective response from this team after so many diversions/changes?

I tend to be a believer in "change inspires when inspiration is lacking," even when the electrons(-, cons) outnumber the protons(+, pro's) and you end up with a negatively charged, ionic compound. That was way over the top. Point here is, Romo showing his desire to lead this team despite his broken finger, the long list of injuries altogether, losing 2 of the last 3, Pacman's suspension, the acquisition of RW2...all of these changes/factors are highly significant, and despite this negatively-charged, atomic circumstance I think there could be a very positive effect on the mentality of this team.  It's "unification," as President Bush might say with a pair of squinty eyes while bobbing his head up and down to the rhythm of the word. 

But moreso, it's change that can bring discontent to a team under the spells of complacency.   Such influences may set the stage for one of those miraculous, physiological events where the heart and brain join together as a single operative organ in which the burning-heart-of-fire molds into inspired mentality. I've almost forgotten what this looks like from the 'Boys.

Here's where I take a risk - my apologies ahead of time. I've been pretty aggravated for the past 3 weeks for the very reason mentioned above, and I've been somewhat critical of Wade as a result. Don't worry; I'm not one of those "let's-fire-him-midseason" guys, but at the very least, I will argue for a slight shift in his coaching philosophy - just enough to spark the fires within this team and contribute to a winner's mentality; just gimme SOMETHING to work with!  Any small remnant of whatever testosterone he's got left in him.  Testosterone, after all, is what inspires football, right?

In my opinion, the ability to motivate and inspire should always be a prerequisite to any head coaching job. Consider a secretarial job interview where the interviewee's resume is clearly impressive and well-aligned with the required job-functions, but she fails to type the required 50 words per minute. In reasonable context, an ability to meet this standard of efficiency is just as important here to the daily course of business, as it is for a head coach who ought to pass an evaluation to determine his ability to inspire and motivate 53 players at half his age.

In the case of hiring a head coach, an evaluation of this sort isn't as objective as it would be for the secretary whose assessment is based on a quantitative analysis, or skills test. Instead, discovering intangibles that we all desire in a head coach requires a subjective determination assessing personality indicators, reputation, or even taking a long look into the eyes in search of that fire.  Perhaps, then, an inference could be drawn between a coach's easy-going, care-free attitude and his list of perennial underachievement's and his winless playoff record!!!

Wade's a nice guy, but we all know what they say about nice guys. Additionally, I am not a Wade-hater, just an analytical mind that becomes easily absorbed in seeking resolutions to whatever I can reasonably characterize as a problem. To wrap this up, a Head Coach's attitude, intensity, urgency, and all other synonymous terms are elements of a contagious mentality concerning the players, in much the same way that your boss's same - or lack thereof -contagiously effects the mentalities' of you and your co-workers.  Don't underestimate the significance of this relationship. Within the context of the NFL, self-motivation and inspiration will burn only at limited extents if players are granted unrestricted scopes of agency; such agency tapers the already-narrow windows of opportunity, limits potential, and places an unwarranted amount of destiny in the hands of its source - "The Man", the boss, the Head Coach...Wade Phillips.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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