Garrett Run Update (Rams)

Barber’s Runs by Directon
In 4 wins
To the Right (54%) 46 car 212 yds 4.6 ypc
Mid & Left (46 %) 39 car 157 yds 4.0 ypc

In the four victories, Barber’s highest average per carry (4.6) was on runs to the right side, behind Davis and Colombo. Not coincidentally, more than half of his runs (54%) were to the right. Barber ran to the right 11 times against Green Bay in the first half alone, and 8 times against Cleveland. For the most part, in the games we won, Garrett kept going with what was working. The 4.0 average on the other runs wasn’t bad, but keep in mind that Kozier played left guard in half of those games.

In 3 losses
To the Right (28%) 12 car 80 yds 6.7 ypc
Mid & Left (72%) 31 car 91 yds 2.9 ypc

vs Rams ONLY
To the Right 5 car 51 yds 10.2 ypc
Mid & Left 13 car 49 yds 3.8 ypc*

*(REAL numbers 11 car 16 yds 1.5 ypc)

The left guard is the common link between runs to the left and runs up the middle. The 2.9 average on runs to the middle and left reflects the fact that Procter was the left guard in the 3 losses. Despite this obvious weakness, in the losses, Garrett has continued to call more than two thirds of our runs to the middle or left. The "middle & left" numbers from the Rams game are greatly skewed by two late game runs--a 15-yarder up the middle when we trailed 31-7 late in the 3rd, and an 18-yard run to the left when we were down 34-7 in the 4th. If you remove those, Barber rushed left or up the middle against the Rams 11 times and gained 16 yards.

Again, Barber had 18 rushes yesterday and only ran right 5 times.

Garrett doesn’t want opposing defenses to note any tendencies in his play calling. In the Cowboys’ three losses, Barber has rushed 43 times, but only 12 of the 43 were to the right—the area where we’d been having the most success, and where we’d run the majority of the time in the wins. 31 of Barber’s 43 rushes have gone to the middle or left, where a key injury has made us weaker. In the first half this season, there have now been 3 games when Barber’s right side runs did NOT outnumber his left side runs: Washington, Arizona, and St. Louis. There have been three times when the offense did NOT score more than 10 points in the first half: Washington, Arizona, and St. Louis.

IOW, the trend continues.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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