Can A Guy Dream?

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As recently as six days ago, at some point in the Washington game, every Cowboys fan had to at least consider the prospect of this team missing the playoffs. Contrast that with talk of an undefeated season most fans were discussing before the first Redskins clash... Being a Cowboy fan is nothing if not entertaining!


So now, on the eve of what should be a Cowboy gimme, indulge me as I dream. This dream includes running the table, and getting some help along the way. It includes bye weeks and maybe even home-field advantage in the NFC Championship game.


And it ends up with a Super-Bowl victory. Perhaps knocking off another undefeated AFC foe? Yes, I dare to dream.


Let's start with some simple math:


Giants 9-1 ... Panthers 8-2 ... Arizona 7-3


For the Cowboys to get a bye week means they must pass both the Giants and another of these three. It's not impossible. The Giants still play both these teams, and we get the them on our home turf. Finding a way to get past both Carolina and Arizona might be trickier... but again, can't I dream?


Here are the schedules: (forget looking at our schedule, everyone here knows who we play, and anyway, we're running the tables, right?!)


Giants: @Arizona, @Washington, Philly, @Dallas, Carolina, @Minnesota


Carolina: @Atlanta, @GreenBay, TampaBay, Denver, @Giants, @Saints


Arizona: Giants, @Philly, Rams, Vikings, @Patriots, Seattle


If the Giants lose to Arizona, suddenly Philly, Washington and even Minnesota are not gimmees. Who wouldn't LOVE to see a late season swoon from Eli and company. Giants fans don't deserve this sudden success. A year ago, NY fans were trying to run Eli, Coughlin and Co. out of town... maybe their fears will come true a little late?


Giants go 2-4 down the stretch, end 11-5 ... get a wild card berth, lose and go out with a whimper. Better yet, they win first round and we get to exact revenge. Brandon Jacobs is hurt, Eli is over-rated, and I'm a Cowboys fan, can you tell?


Carolina goes 3-3 down the stretch, losing at frigid Lambeau, then losing one of two on the road against the Saints and Atlanta, and punting one of two against TB and Denver at home. Hey, it's possible... this is a team that couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag last year.


Arizona goes 3-2 after beating the Giants... just because they're the Cardinals. The Patriots and Philly make this more than possible.


So there, I said it. Now Wade and the Boys need to take care of their end of the bargain. In this roller-coaster of a season, I dare to dream we've crested and it's smooth sailing from here.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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