We have problems galore, but do you actually see work being done?

Several folks, like Emmitt, have said there is no "real" leadership. And when I think of it who do you sense you would follow either on our coaching staff or as a player? Don't say Ware cause he is quiet and his own man, not a demanding vocal leader pushing and pulling the players. James might be close, but just watch the field and see if he rallies them or if they flow to him looking for leadership.

As for the coaches, well I see no one. It is year two of the Red Headed Genius's time and he's fooling NO ONE.  Might be too that coaches left for Miami who were getting that Offensive Line to play like NFL players, cause they sure stink it up now. And mentioning Miami, they were given the 32nd spot on all polls and yet have not hung their head, instead they said, "okay if we can't beat you with a normal attack we will wildcat you."          SO I ask,    Why Don't We Wildcat it???

We sucked against Arizona and again against the Giants. Did anyone expect that our backup Qb's would have a good day against that pass rush???    So why not try something they have not seen?   Why not at least try something different?  What, were we trying to see just how bad we were?     --So why not try??? And if we didn't try something new just exactly why was that?

We have two guys with tons of experience in handling the ball who could do some wildcat, Patrick Crayton and Isaiah Stanback. Both were quarterbacks with good enough arms and both have some moves.  But really the point is WHY not try something different?     How many weeks of playing poorly do we have to have to convince us we have to try something unique and or different?

The facts are that more than anything else the Offensive Line is playing Offensively! Fix that alone and we are fine!!!!    That ALONE and we might return to great!      So if we can't fix it (as it so appears and the last 4 weeks are proof) then why on earth keep doing the same thing expecting a different result?    (Romo will help but his injury came because our Line let them through and it will happen AGAIN if we refuse to see that and either motivate the players or change up gameplans and maybe wild cat some stuff)

The defense has done pretty well. They have not been our problem, although getting to the Qb more frequently would help tremendously.  But still, Wade was brought in to "fix" them, do you see the improvement? 

So without real and outstanding leadership (the vocal leader types that are magnets to all the team's actions), be that players or coaches, I personally think the time is coming for a change.  We have the players, so it seems the coaches who are suppose to coach up And motivate the players, they are where we start because, and follow the logic, if we had 13 Pro Bowlers last year and we are now last in the Division it probably isn't just the players' fault and obviously other teams are out scheming and out playing us....therefore it must be the coaching that is lacking (cause everyone says we are loaded with talent, so where are the results)!       

Let's watch the rest of the season and then take a run at a guy we know has motivated his players And a guy who knows two of the NFC East teams intimately, Steve Spagnuolo.    He's a motivator, he gets Results!!!, he is obviously smart, he takes it to other teams instead of being dictated to like we seem to coach.       I love Garrett but has he flexed the Offense to hide or fix our glaring problems? Has he flexed with the need at all? And does anyone else not find it really off that we have two Pro Bowl receivers and they might as well not even be on the team for all the impact they effect on the field when we play??    If not then broaden that out to the bigger picture and imagine him as the Head Coach of the entire team.  That is an oversight and managing of people position, so if you don't see craftiness and shifting ability on the lower level to fix or adjust your people then amping that up to the Head Coach just doesn't seem logical.   

I know it could be that "the grass is always greener" syndrome but if nothing else you swipe the G-men's master mind on defense (just as they did to the Eagles) and in one stroke you are familiar with 2 of your closest rivals by having a guy who coached for and motivated them. So you rob their defense and promote the guy and let's see what he can do.   Wade is a nice guy but I'm not sold that nice will do it. Yeah, last year the players loved being out from under the oppressiveness of Big Bill, but now what are we seeing?      The picture being draw for us by our play says it is time for a change.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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