New Plan:  Offense

There's a balance in football between "old school", slug them in the nose and keep going, and the "mastermind" school that is not so much about trick plays as being able to counterpunch with such timing that the opponent is constantly caught slightly off guard or on his heels.

I think the best Offense is a blend of timing and strength And innovation. Every week you are on display with last week's game being scrutinized by this weeks opponent.  So it only seems fitting that you employ some kind of logic to all the moving and movable pieces of your attack.

Let's start with the OFFENSIVE LINE.                                                          These guys are asked to drive block, pull, slant, zone block, drop back to pass protect, pick up blitz, set up moving pockets and screens. Lots of moving parts.         Any coach people considers to be good does 2 things better than lesser folks: 1st he accesses what each player can do and their level of strenghts (ie-Flozell is poor against speed rushers so a good coach should have him run block the guy first to take away his burst and to keep him within arm's reach, then shuffle step back into normal pass protect). 2nd- he motivates them to a higher plain, gives them hope and vision and finds the way to get them going that direction to fulfill their full ability and raise their skill.                                                                                                                 So... are the coaches accessing team and individual strengths and adapting the schemes and players to fit what is needed on the field. Obviously NO.         Or is it that the players have gone soft?   I mean we do have one of the biggest O-lines in the NFL and we can't run, can hardly pass protect.... so either we stick with the old ideas that aren't working (that we can do anything and everything in the playbook) or we formulate a smaller more precise plan based on strengths and innovative schemes (ie-See Miami's Wildcat formations as Innovation that refuses to sit idly by and accept the status quo, defeats)

Scheme:                                                                                                      Variations on normal cause defenses issues granting the innovators momentary advantage.    Example would be to a fast ball pitcher throwing a change up.... start out 3 step drop, 3 step, 3 step, run, then 7 step. Sprint right the pocket. Better yet sprint left the pocket and throw to the backfield to one our two receiver quarterbacks for a halfback option pass.   NOW movement has befuddled the defense and they can either sit back to see what is next or decide to attack.  Scheme wins because it breaks up the norm.   The norm has been to do the same old thing (AA's definition of Crazy is to do the same thing and expect a different outcome.)                                                 We have 2 very different backs, Power and Speed.  Who would you rather face? Why not make defenses choose?    Scheme a trips right with Felix as the offset back behind two wide receivers and on the other side Witten and Marion!    So if the defense blitzes they are short one extra guy and either side is off to the races with blockers ahead.....or the play becomes a pass play instead of a running play in a pass formation and now you have the defense again because they have crowded up close and must chase more in Man to Man!!!  Imagine the running lane when all the Linebackers open the middle because they are being forced to cover this scheme...Romo for 20yd. then throw in a reverse or halfback pass.Etc. Etc. Etc folks!!!             .    For Running plays why not pick a side of the Offensive line and seal the edge and keep pushing it there. Felix's speed to the edge or Marion's power out over Right Tackle with Witten cracking in from his split.

Hammer, hammer, hammer, switchup.   To test a rock's strength you hit One area repeatedly not every spot on the rock. When they start to shift coverage or slant men then stretch the field. Come back to it in a bubble screen and next fake a bubble (like New England does so well) and throw back to the other side.    Get the defense breathing hard and starting to question....then piece by piece systematically pick them apart.     A boxer doesn't dictate by taking blows but by giving them. Likewise if he faces a stronger or quicker tactician he himself must find one or possibly two areas to apply his strength until he has neutralized his disadvantage then, and only then, can he begin to open his aresenal!     That is scheme and it is not random and it is not luck and to start with it often looks ugly....but what matters is that it works to soften the opponent so that the ultimate goal is reached.

And if our coaching staff can't see that or do that then we have outgrown them. And I personally want a coach with a little fire in his tank. This is a contact sport where men have to play hurt and momemtum can shift easily. Passion keeps pushing (look at Steve Spagnuolo and how the Gmen's defense get fired up).    

 Owens            T    G     C     G    T             Roy   Witten

Marion                      Romo                               Felix


TO     Roy             T   G   C   G   T            Felix  Witten     Crayton                       Romo

______Imagine Crayton dropping back with Pass, Reverse or Run Options!!!

Do the same with Isaiah Stanback instead of Crayton....

BUT we are not thinking to Use or Deploy our Weapons........Why

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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