Losing Faith

Anyone on this blog who has read any of my posts knows that I am the relentless optomist. There is usually a lot of doom and gloom within this blog, and I usually try to combat that with every positive angle I can conjure up. I have to be honest with all of you, and with myself as well. As the number in the right hand column inches closer to 6, and the injuries continue to pile up like bodies tossed without remorse onto a mass grave, I am beginning to believe that this is simply not our year.

It's time's like this that I realize it is actually more fun dreaming about next season, than it is when it actually comes, and the reality is far less pleasing than the fantasy. I was much happier in my little dream land in August, when Terrell Owens was crying holding a Lombardi trophy, then passing it to his MVP quarterback. Wade Phillips was finally validated as an NFL head coach as Bigg and Flo hoisted his chunky ass up and gave him the classic shoulder ride.

Instead here we are in reality. In one season this team has seemed both overconfident and overconfident. They have been blown out by bad teams, and lost heartbreakers to good teams. This team has never had an opportunity to gel on either side of the ball due to this unforgiving rash on injuries. Injuries have comprised the continuity of the offensive line, the depth of the secondary, the development of the receiving core, and the quality of the special teams. Romo's injury in particular seemed to just rip the soul out of this team.

Look at where we are now. Our third string running back is about to make his second start. Tra Battle is going to see significant time at safety. Roy Williams is hurt. Barber is hurt. Hamlin is hurt. Holland is hurt. Pacman is hurt. Jenkins is hurt. Roy Williams is gone and forgotten. Felix is gone and forgotten. Kyle Kosier, Pat Watkins, Matt McBriar all gone and forgotten. Witten is wounded. Ware is wounded. Romo still isnt right. Everybody got dinged last week.

T.O. is simmering. Roy is starting to talk. Jerry is calling out Barber. Romo is still struggling in big games. Wade is on the hot seat. Pacman is.....Pacman.

I'm just starting to think that this is too much to overcome. I dont care how strong your locker room is, at some point you just run out of duct tape. Could any team overcome this many injuries? I would love to see a stat on how many games our starters have missed. Maybe we are just another team who was supposed to win it all, but didn't. And believe me, that is a crowded room.

I'm getting to the point where I just want to get this nightmare over with, so I can once again dream about next season. I can't wait until we break camp with our new serious but mellow head coach, and our new "run first" offensive coordinator. Man that defense is gonna be great with our brand new run stuffing nose tackle, and our stud rookie safety to be named later. And that offense, man that offense with our three headed running back monster toting it 40 times a game, and our speedy new #3 receiver who is also a menace on punt returns. And if Romo gets dinged again, no problem, because our new efficient backup QB will steer the boat until he gets back. Damn, I can almost taste the champagne.

I ya'll dont mind, I'm just gonna lay here for a while in my perfect little R.E.M. cycle.

Will somebody please wake me up just before the draft?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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