The Video Show: Dallas = Godzilla; Giants = the unsuspecting town

For all those homers like me who aren't satisfied with just watching the game but need to relive it through highlights, this one is for you. Let's call it the video show. All the links are to videos and not stories. I never get tired of watching the 'Boys run through the Giants like a monster in a cheesy science fiction film flick. Enjoy.

Highlights of the game. That was a team game right there. No turnovers. Great D. Big plays in the running and passing game. Beautiful. The first quarter highlights saw two beautiful passes from Romo to Crayton and Owens. The second quarter highlights features a whole lotta silver and blue surrounding Eli "McLovin" Manning. In the third quarter highlights Miles Austin, Chris Canty and Greg Ellis gets some of the action.

I've always said I was excited to see Tashard Choice get some more opportunities. I had no idea he was this good. Almost 150 total yards. Are you kidding me? I envy Grizz that he got to watch this kid run for his team for three years. I'm glad he runs for mine now. Nice take on T.O.'s touchdown dance by the way.

Our D really smacked the Giants around. Eight sacks and two picks. I can't believe Greg Ellis and Jay Ratliff have seven sacks on the season. And Bradie James has six. That's 20 sacks before you even get to Ware! Wow.

Romo's highlights in the game just make you appreciate him more. I think Madden's man-crush on Romo is returning. Not that it ever left but right now it's burning hot and filled with passion. Romo gave him plenty to choose from: fumbles the snap then picks it up for a completion, throws off his back foot for a 20-yard gain to Owens, improvises on the TD catch to Crayton and then does all of this in the face of a fierce pass rush.

Highlight of Romo's TD pass to Crayton. I love the shot Al Michaels gives to Oakland at the end of the play. Man he hates the Raiders.

Highlights of Owens. Not a lot here. There's the big play and the drop. One thing though. He was this close from breaking that catch all the way. And if Romo hits him on another possession, he's off to the races for a long touchdown.

I like to go back and watch analysts make fools of themselves with their picks earlier in the week. First up: Tom Waddle. His claim  to fame? This NFL Network analyst is a former wide receiver who once outran Deion Sanders. He says it's time for Tony Romo to win a big game. Were you watching Tom?

ESPN's Trent Dilfer adds his postgame two cents. Basically, he's concerned T.O.'s antics will fester and derail our season. The huge divisional game we just won? Not so much.


JJT and Todd Archer chop it up after the game. JJT says he doesn't trust this team, mocks Barber for getting two yards and throws in a little "Mr. Fix It" reference to boot. Sigh. The whole thing is just dripping with sarcasm.

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