Random Thoughts

I live and die with the Cowboys.  I'm fully aware of my unhealthy obsession with this team.  My mood for the entire week pretty much mirrors the outcome of the previous game.  I was incredibly depressed last week and it only got worse when TO and Witten started fighting.  But after a thorough beat down of the Giants, I'm feeling better.  Better, not great.  Since I feel pretty even keel, I feel the need to put some thoughts on paper screen.

  • This defense is playing better than any defense in the league right now.  I think they outplayed Pittsburgh's D last week and were better than the Giants last night.  Next up, the Ravens D.
  • It's a travesty if Ware doesn't win D POY in my opinion, especially if he breaks the sacks record.
  • Unlike many in the blogosphere, I enjoy the MMQB by Peter King.  Today he said the following: "I think if you combined Dallas Clark the receiver and Anthony Fasano the blocker, you'd have a Mackey-Winslow type, a player in the argument for the best tight end ever." Peter - that man's name is Jason Witten.  The man's a great blocker and a superb receiver.  No one plays the position better than he does.  Although if he doesn't stop getting dumb penalties I'm going to break my TV.
  •  Everyone has been saying that we could be this year's New York Giants.  I'm not saying we'll win the Super Bowl, but let's look at some intesting notes:
    • Late season "good" loss against #1 unit that showed they could hang with anyone (NYG - Week 17 vs. Patriots #1 offense; DC - Week 14 vs. Steelers #1 defense).
    • Sack clinic on division rival (NYG - 12 sacks Week 4 vs. Eagles; DC - 8 sacks Week 14 vs. Giants).
    • Coach on the hot seat mid-season who makes a change that improves the team greatly (Coughlin listens to the team more; Wade takes over defensive play calling).
    • I'm sure there's more, but I don't have the patience to do the research...
  • Did anyone else get upset whenever Barber came into the game?  I think he should stay as the backup for now until his foot gets better.  Tashard Choice is a stud.
  • I think I like injured Romo better than healthy Romo.  Injured Romo tries to do less and protects the ball better.
  • Whenever Romo has time to pump fake more than once, you know a big play is coming.
  • Am I seeing things, or is Miles Austin the only guy you've ever seen that catches kick-offs with his hands instead of his body?
  • Part of me actually hopes we haven't got the playoffs wrapped up before we play the Eagles.  I don't want Wade resting people.  We need to keep this train moving.  Plus, I live in South Jersey (prime Eagles country) so I'd love to see us going into Philly beat them down to finish the season.
  • I hate to say it, but I think T.O. will go off again if we lose another game. 
  • Is it just me, or is Romo the worst QB in the league at throwing the quick end-zone fade?  That pass to RW wasn't even close last night.
  • Is T.O. wearing the visor so that it's harder tell him apart from RW?
  • Strange as it sounds, I never really felt the Cowboys were in trouble last night.  Our defense just wasn't going to let anything happen.
  • However, a team that runs a good no-huddle offense could give us problems.

Ok, I'm done rambling.  Yesterday was a great win.  Baltimore is a good team that should provide a good test. 


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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