Sometimes losing is a good thing

I hated that game yesterday.  I've hated this team for about 2 months now.  But, I think losing yesterday was necessary.  Going to the playoffs would have made it seem like this team was turning things around.  This team has problems that need to be addressed, and a loss like that makes it clear to everyone (I'm looking at you Jerry).

Here's my thoughts:

  • Wade - I'm not a big fan, but the guy is a good defensive coach (the last two weeks not withstanding).  During his introductory press conference he said he'd call the defensive plays; that it had never worked out when he didn't.  So what the hell was Brian Stewart doing calling the plays earlier this year?!?  Wade - call the damn plays all year long.  I also wouldn't be opposed to a change here.  This team is too loose.  Someone needs to get in Romo's face (hey, Favre needed it too).  Someone needs to get in T.O's face.  I think coach needs to be a stronger personality than these two.
  • Garrett - We were all huge fans last year.  Obviously his second year (and possibly the last portion of his first year) hasn't gone well.  But, he's a smart guy.  I think he can fix it.  Let's not give up on him just yet.
  • O-line - I'm torn on this one.  When Kosier was healthy, this line was dominant.  But without him, they stunk.  Does that mean Hudson Houck can't coach or that our backup lineman are that damn bad?  I think it's the latter.  I think we need a good draft here.  I don't think signing free agents to be backups is the way to go.
  • Nose Tackle - Tank is going to be gone.  So that just leaves us with Ratliff.  At what point does this team finally address this issue?  I'll take a good free agent here and a draft pick.  It's time to move Ratliff to end, because...
  • Trades - I see either Spears or Canty (I can't seem to remember if he signed an extension or not) getting traded, possibly to Miami.  Same can be said for Crayton (it's time for Miles Austin to be the 3rd WR).  Jerry gave up a bunch of draft picks for RW the WR, so he'll get some of them back through trades of decent guys that have outlived their usefullness.  I could also see trading RW the Safety, but...
  • Safeties - Again, when does this team finally address this issue?  Draft somebody!  Sign somebody!
  • Special teams - it's time for Bruce Read to go.  Our special teams stink.  And tell Folk to work on kicking it out of the end zone next year.
  • Pacman - sorry, he's got to go.  He freelances too much.  The defensive backs look confused when he's on the field because he's never where he's supposed to be.  I like Scandrick and Jenkins.  Let them play.

That's my plan.  What's yours?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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