Just throwing names out there...

We all would like to think we can just replenish our WR corp with a highly talented, highly priced free agent such as Benard Berrian or Bryant Johnson. Better yet, we can possibly gather together some players (Carp & Spears) and a draft pick or so to lure a team like Detroit or Cincy to our dance partners in a blockbuster trade for Roy Williams or Chad Johnson...Keep in mind that those two WR's will have 7mm/per salaries that come with it.

But here's a suggestion to aquire a gifted, under utilized WR with nice speed and size...

Kelly Washington laid dormant under the mass influx of talented WR's that the Patriots picked up last year...Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth, and Wes Welker...I never did understand why the Pat's even bothered to pick up Washington after aquiring all that talent already...

I always liked Washington, and actually had hoped the Boy's were going to draft him back in 2003..He's 6'3" , about 218lbs..and runs a 4.5 40...similar measurables to TO..Again, he spent most of his career behind Chad Johnson and TJ Hous your Cincy, so he never got a chance to flourish there either, although played very well when his times came.

He went off to the Pats this past season..and was buried behind all the others, plus Gafney, and whoever else Pats had it was a waste on their parts to aquire him...He's only 27 years old, he's a proven talent, and I feel without a doubt better than Hurd, Austin, and to some extent Crayton....

He did not catch a ball all season...not even sure if he was activated for any why would he even consider staying in New England ?? well...Stallworth more than likely won't be resigned. so he may think he has a better chance to play there...but I don't think so.

Come to Dallas Kelly...we can sure use quality depth...and a possibility of starting sooner or later...

here's a statement I had picked up somewhere :

Update [2008-2-17 16:40:32 by Dave Halprin (Grizz)]: Here's a link to the 'picked up somewhere' quote.

News: The Patriots have let Washington know that they don't plan to pick up his $4 million option bonus but are interested in him returning with a re-worked deal, the Boston Globe reports. [ + ]
Impact: Washington wasn't a factor in the passing game, as the Pats' top four wideouts remained healthy this past season, but he provided valuable insurance and inspired special teams play. If he is willing to return in a similar capacity, at a reduced wage, then he could reprise that role and perhaps even get more involved in the offense, depending on what happens with the likes of Randy Moss and Donte Stallworth. (RotoWire - Thu. Feb 14, 2008)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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