Ideas going into the 2008 - 2009 Draft.

Hey everyone, This is my first post here at Blogging the Boys but I have been following the site for the entire 2007-08 season.

Anyway with following events going on, and what we did during free agency, I just wanted to post a few ideas of where I would like to see the cowboys head into the future. From what I have learned about recent events is that

  • Kenny Hamlin - Franchise Tagged
  • Chris Canty - 1st round tender
  • Marion Barber - 1st and 3rd round tender

Also with the Adam Jones situation, it seems that the deal will be done here really soon, maybe as early as tomorrow. One last thing is going into this draft, we have the 22nd and 28th picks in the 1st round and the 30th (61st) pick in the second round. So just looking at those draft picks and in the current situation here is what I wouldn't mind being done.

-Sign Kenny Hamlin to a long term deal and lock him up. I believe this will give more cap space.

-Either sign Chris Canty now, or wait till sometime in the middle of the season like with Jay Ratliff to sign him to a long term deal. Again this should help the salary cap.

-Sign Marion Barber to a long term deal and get him locked up.

All 3 of these players with maybe the exception of Chris Canty deserve the long term deals, and I would be sad to see them part. Kenny Hamlin is the biggest player we need to sign, I see him as a very valuable player. MBIII and Canty can wait till the season start or afterwards to see if they are the real deals. (Just to note, I am up for signing them both now, but just trying to look at it from a GM point of view )

-Trade Adam Jones under the pretense that a new contract will be signed that is incentive based. As for the trade, trade anything from 3rd round and higher, however ask for a complimentary pick that matches whatever round we trade for in the draft back if Jones gets in trouble again. This way Titans get our pick if Jones works out. And we will get our pick back in the future if he doesn't.

-Trade either the 22nd or 28th pick to the Lions and get Roy Williams, if we can get the long term deals signed to  Hamlin, MBIII, and Canty we should have enough room to sign him, or let him play the season and franchise him if need be.

-If we trade for Roy Williams, then useing whatever 1st round pick we have left, sign the best player available, Whether it is Jonathan Stewart, Felix Jones, any of the Corner Backs left on the board, or possibly Kenny Phillips to replace Roy Williams.

-Depending on who we draft in the 1st round draft the other in the 2nd round.

Bottom Line Draft a CB and a RB, or take a chance on Jones and draft a FS/SS and a RB. I think Jones will work out, and this might all be old news, but its my first post and felt like presenting my thoughts on the subject.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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