The Joe Horn rumor


It’s always nice to have a Dallas Cowboys rumor floating around. The rumor du jour is the Cowboys are having an internal debate about acquiring the services of Atlanta WR Joe Horn. Sometimes I dismiss these sources inside Valley Ranch that say the Cowboys are having an internal debate about so-and-so, but then I remember that we had the same rumor a little bit before we traded for Pacman Jones, so maybe there is some merit to this story.

Joe Horn was once a top-quality WR in this league when he played for the Saints, but his time in Atlanta hasn’t exactly been scintillating. Maybe its age catching up with him or the total dysfunction that’s been going on in Atlanta over the past few years. Whatever the case, he wouldn’t be more than a quality vet that could become a part-time safety net but he’s not going to be that front-line #2 WR to complement T.O. at this stage of his career. If the Cowboys want to bring him in I wouldn’t have a huge problem with it but it might stunt the growth of guys like Sam Hurd, Isaiah Stanback or Miles Austin. It’s a tough decision, one made more complicated by the cloudy issue of Terry Glenn’s return.

The funny thing is the conflicting points made by Ed Werder in his article and Adam Schefter in his article.

Werder on Horn.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has initiated some internal discussion about whether acquiring wide receiver Joe Horn from the Atlanta Falcons is an option they should pursue to have a veteran starter opposite Terrell Owens, a team source confirmed.

Those within the organization opposed worry that Horn's volatile personality makes him incompatible with Owens and could cause other conflict in a locker room that already includes Adam "Pacman" Jones and Tank Johnson.

So according to Werder, it’s not Horn’s skills that are the worry but his personality and how he might interact with his team.

Now here’s Schefter on Horn.

Horn could help the Cowboys on and off the field. On the field, Horn is not the receiver he once was, but he still could contribute to Dallas’ high-powered attack. Off it, he could provide an example for the way professionals are supposed to act. Horn is one of the league’s more respected players and the Cowboys locker room would be better with him in it.

Ha! So which is it? Horn is a volatile personality waiting to explode and the Cowboys locker room might be the place for him to ignite? Or is he one the most respected professionals in the league who could set an example for others?


Any takers on this issue?

I also like this piece from Werder’s article.

Those who oppose trading for Horn prefer to continue seeking Detroit's Roy Williams or Arizona's Anquan Boldin and urge Jones to remember he has Patrick Crayton and can trust former undrafted free agents Sam Hurd and Miles Austin with additional playing time as they develop.


yeah, I think the ship has sailed on acquiring Williams or Boldin for this year. Their value was never higher than around the draft, I can’t see either of those teams dealing them now. Crazier things have happened but I wouldn’t count on it in this case. If you’re saying don’t trade for Horn because you want to get one of those other two; you’re essentially just saying don’t trade for Joe Horn.

Hat tip to my co-blogger Tuna Helper for bringing up the rumor in this article and to Starred4Life for creating a FanPost on the rumor.

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