Dreaming of Anquan Boldin

Roy Williams is really getting it from all sides now: NCAA bans the horse-collar tackle. Next up Pop Warner Football. Hopefully he doesn't get a congressional censure.

Could the 'Boys get Anquan Boldin? It would solve our No. 2 WR problems and he's obviously unhappy.

Spags stirs the pot a little bit by diving into this topic.

Jerry Jones meant, of course, potentially trading for a veteran wide receiver who could provide instant help rather than drafting one in the second or third round. Nothing materialized in the off-season, and Cardinals officials are insisting no matter what the veteran Boldin says, they have no interest in trading a guy under a contract averaging $4 million a year for three more years.

But Stephen Jones would go on to say, "If we have a chance to improve ourselves, we'll look at that."

Sorry guys but I refuse to believe this is going to happen. First of all, the Cards are going to try and appease him. This is my belief. He's too good of a football player to let go. It hasn't escalated to the point of no return yet, although he has asked to be traded. I still think, for whatever reason, the fences will be mended and he'll be a very productive member of that football team for the foreseeable future. More importantly though, there is no way the Cards are going to trade him to an already loaded team and conference competitor like the Cowboys. Just not going to happen.

But I can certainly dream about it. How nasty would that be? Two big physical receivers breaking through arm tackles and punishing would be defenders. Boldin taking over as our No. 1 receiver after age finally catches up to T.O. (if it ever does). Wow. I'm getting ants in my pants just thinking about it.

Too bad it's not gonna happen.

Shout out to HutHut and his FanPost. here.

A fan almost makes the roster by running rings around security.

Everybody agrees. Martellus Bennett looks like a horse's backside with his antics on Hard Knocks. But Barry Horn of DMN points out other moments: Mike Jenkins struggling versus the Broncos and DeMarcus Ware playing with his daughter.

This show and it's affect on our team has been greatly overrated in my opinion. When the talk of the show is our third-string rookie tight end and not Romo painting Jessica's nails during training camp or Adam Jones leading a high speed chase or some other crazy scenario then I'm happy. It was supposed to be a circus. But so far the only clowns I see are the football experts who told us how detrimental it would be.

TD sees Texas Stadium as a landmark.

I sure do. Last time I was there Emmitt broke the NFL rushing record. There's really a majestic feel to the stadium.

Speaking of Emmitt, SportsNation chose him as the Greatest Cowboy of All-Time. Well duh. And I'd like to add most classiest although he's probably tied with Roger Staubach on that front. And the best dancer.  

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