I Apologize

I'm sorry for being the weak minded one in the group, but I AM WORRIED about this game.

The Eagles, as much as I hate them, play football with a blue collar nastiness and aggression that has been lacking from Dallas Cowboys squads since Jimmy Johnson left. I feel like Philly always comes at us like the guy who wants to throw the first punch and we don't do what we're supposed to do. We take it on the chin and then we start dancing. We say, "aw that didn't hurt". I want us to hit back twice as hard, give these suckers a broken jaw, and while they are sitting there, dazed and confused, hit them again until snot comes out of their nose and they're running away crying for their mommy.

But that's not characteristically what we've done. Andy Reid's history against Dallas, despite Dallas generally having more talented rosters in their contests, is proof. We always seem to play finesse against these Eagirls. When they beat us, they generally trounce us.

I want the Cowboys o-line to frustrate Jim Johnson when he throws his unique brand of stunting, zone-dropping, delayed blitzes at us. I want us to run the ball against them, to open up huge holes on the line of scrimmage and have Johnson screaming at their DT's for getting pushed out of the plays. I want Witten to have 4 TD's and for Felix to break three long gains off of passes into the flat. I want us to have the ball for 40 minutes.

I want to create pressure off of the edge and make McNabb throw off of his wrong foot and toss gopher balls and interceptions. I want them to have to help Tra Thomas with Westbrook because Ware is dominating him with his explosive first step and crashing into the backfield on every play. I want us to push Desean Jackson so hard when he comes off of the snap that he is nowhere near his route assignment. I want to shut down Brian Westbrook and have him yelling at his coaches on the sidelines in the 3rd quarter. I want Bruce Read's Special Teamers to cause a fumble and block a punt and consistently stuff them inside their 20 yard line. But, that's not what we've done.

I want US to have the chip on our shoulder for what they did to us late last year. I want US to be the nasty, aggressive bully.  

And most of all, in this Season of Wade, I want Phillips to outcoach and outprepare Andy Reid. 

I hope you accept my apology for feeling this way, but I'm tired of watching us do what we've been doing when we play Philly. Only Dallas' play in the home opener on Monday can help me at this point. Only they can prove to me that just because we haven't done it before, doesn't mean we can't do it now.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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