NFL Investigating Eagles Equipment Violations

This just in from the NFL newswire:

The NFL Officiating Office is looking into several alleged equipment violations by the Philadelphia Eagles following their loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night. Following the game, league officials confiscated several items from the Eagles equipment manager, and the helmets from RB Brian Westbrook and the Eagles defensive line. Sources indicated there is suspicion that oversized faceguards on the helmets may have contributed to the numerous facemask and illegal hands to the face penalties against Dallas and other plays where fouls could have been called.

NFL Head Official Mike Periera would not go into the details of the investigation. "The NFL takes the issue of Performance Enhancing Equipment (PEE) very seriously," he said. "I sincerely hope we don’t have a case of PEE on our hands."

The Cowboys’ offensive and defensive lines both had trouble keeping their hands free from Philadelphia helmets all night long. Dallas defensive tackle Marcus Spears said after the game, "You’d go to grab him (Westbrook) at the waist and end up caught in his facemask. It was [weird], like he was aiming his head at our hands or something."

Other items confiscated included a jersey from QB Donovan McNabb and a GPS transmitter found in the helmet of receiver DeSean Jackson. Cowboys Pro Bowl linebacker DeMarcus Ware and his linemates had trouble bringing down McNabb all game. "It was like his jersey was made from some super-synthetic stretchable material or something. Slippery, too."

Dallas head coach Wade Phillips said he couldn’t comment on the investigation, but offered this analysis of his defense: "I’m not one to look for excuses, but this team was 13-3 last year, and all of the sudden our defense can’t tackle? That sure would explain a lot."

- Former Eagle turned Cowboy WR Terrell Owens said that he was not aware of any equipment violations while he was with the team, but "now that I’m gone, I wouldn’t be surprised to find PEE in every corner of their locker room."

- in a potentially related development, Cowboys’ team managers noted several items were missing from the Cowboys locker room after the game, including a case of Tony Romo’s stick-um adhesive and the "blitz package" section of defensive coordinator Brian Stewart’s playbook. Also, Roy Williams’ mojo was nowhere to be found. Lawyers from Tatum Bell were not returning calls.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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