I'm sure that every one of us here at knows how amazingly biased ESPN is AGAINST our Beloved Boyz.

Case in point, practically everyone on their stupid-arse pregame show (save Tom Jackson) unanimously predicted Green Bay to defeat Dallas last night.  Heck, you would've thought that Aaron Rodgers was Tom Brady or Brett Favre and that Tony Romo was Jon Kitna.

And did any of those eff'n idiots bring up the fact that our #9 was 12-2 as a starting QB on the road -- prior to last night's game in Lambeau?

Oh yeah, let's see.  Aaron Rodgers had started what, TWO FREAKIN' GAMES against the likes of Minnesota and Detroit.  Before yesterday, neither of those NFC Central teams had a single win.


In Week 1, defeated the Browns in Cleveland -- basically the same opponent who had a winning record last season.

In Week 2, defeated Philadelphia on Monday Night Football -- with the Eagles considered on of the NFL's elite teams.

In Week 3, defeated Green Bay on Sunday Night on the road -- with the Packers finishing last season 13-3 and beginning this year 2-0 before their tussle with our Cowboys.

Back to ESPN, anyone notice how long that tribute lasted of the final home game ever in Yankee stadium lasted -- covered on ESPN and ESPN News -- long after the conclusion of our Cowboys 27-16 win in Green Bay?  Plus, no post-game NFL coverage on ESPN2 either?

It's like, we don't want our experts to eat crow immediately after the conclusion of that big Dallas victory, so let's not cover.  And when we do air "The Blitz" with Fat-Arse Berman and Tom "The Only Level-Headed NFL Expert on BSPN" Jackson, it'll be so late that not many will be watching because the work week begins and the viewing public's gotta sleep for the new work week to begin.

Well THANK GOD FOR NFL NETWORK.  Rich Eisen, Deion "Prime Time" Sanders, and Steve Mariucci show highlights of every game WITHOUT BIAS.  And they continue to show it after the conclusion of the Sunday games on a consistent basis.

And one of their writers, Vic Carucci wrote a well thought out, based on facts article that I just read this morning, so go click this link and read it.

What stood out -- for me -- was the excerpt below, which wasn't subjective, but rather "on point."


To be the best, you should have a record that says as much. The Cowboys' 3-0 record does.

To be the best, you should have quality victories. The Cowboys have a minimum of two, their Week 2 shootout against Philadelphia and Sunday night's convincing, 27-16 win over Green Bay. Even with a new quarterback, that was a pretty good Packers team the Cowboys disposed of handily in prime time. And, counting their opening-day triumph at Cleveland, the Cowboys have won twice on the road.

Those are the credentials of a club worthy of sitting atop its conference and the entire league.

For now, at least.


Tony Romo is now 13-2 in regular season road games as a starting NFL Quarterback and still doesn't get enough respect -- especially from ESPN.  And over two regular seasons under the Wade Phillips regime, the Dallas Cowboys are 16-3.

But the Worldwide Leader in Sh*t won't tout that FACT too often.  But the REAL NETWORK and REAL OFFICIAL WEBSITE -- NFL Network AND -- won't compromise the TRUTH.

Sorry about the multiple words with CAPS, fellas... but it emphasizes my disdain and repulsion for that stupid-arse network that's stationed in Bristol, Connecticut.

Take that BSPN.

I hate you.




Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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