Romo Bashing Still In Vogue

I was on a few minutes ago and stumbled across their "Morning Jolt" section.  Of course, the headline effectively hooked me in and drew my ire -- being a Cowboys fan and all.

It said, "Rodgers Better Than Romo," was in the "Truth and Rumors" area, and pertained to ex-Packers Safety LeRoy Butler commenting on his on-field observations of last Sunday Night's Dallas-Green Bay game.

The snippet had a link, which led you to the piece in its entirety --, the web site of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel -- and Butler based his opinions on the following:

- Decision Making

- Long completed pass plays that inflate stats

Butler also went on to comment about other aspects of the game including the Cowboys' offensive strategy, breakdowns in the Packers defense, and Green Bay injuries.

I suggest that you click on the link and read the article.  Although he makes some correct points, it's somewhat obvious that he had his homer cheesehead hat on.

Based on Butler's comments, I've got some questions for all of you.

1.  Don't you think it's premature to compare Aaron Rodgers to Tony Romo at this point?  Rodgers has all of 3 starts under his belt, and Romo is going on his way to two full regular seasons as a starting quarterback.

2.  Based on #1, can anyone make a valid argument that Rodgers is better than Romo when the Packers #12 hasn't led his team to a division title, a playoff win, an NFC Championship, or a Super Bowl win.  At least Romo has led our Cowboys to a Division title, two playoff appearances, a 22-7 record as a starter, and a 13-2 record as a starter on the road in the regular season.  Yes, Rodgers has only started 3 games in the NFL, and that's my point.

3.  After reading the article, Butler opines that the secondary is the weakest part of the Cowboys defense.  Do you agree with him?

4.  Butler seemed to outline the many injuries to starters in the secondary -- namely CB-Al Harris and safety Atari Bigby.  He also threw in that with 2nd year WR-James Jones playing hurt, it affected Green Bay's ability to effectively go to their 5-wide receiver sets.  Does he have a legitimate argument or is he just making excuses?

5.  One interesting thing that Butler stated was that Rodgers didn't throw an interception in the game last Sunday -- even in a loss.  And that he's just glad that this game's over and that he expects them to be right there and get better come January.  Do you agree with him that the Packers are that close to Dallas in terms of being an elite team?


I'm interested to hear your takes on the story.



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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