Fair's Fair

Our first pass against Greenbay was incomplete, but why? Twenty seven times their 12th man interceded, some small some large, but 27 times.     So I ask you, beyond the noise of having your home crowd, shouldn't all the other aspects be fair?

Shouldn't there be a standard for things that ensure equal playing fields???

Then go back and watch the game and ask yourself about everyone of the plays where our guys (12 to1) took a slip (and sometimes a fall, like their interception in our endzone and Miles slips and lays out trying to tackle their guy) on that turf.   For example, TO falls down and does not catch the first pass of the game leaving us with second and long. Then third and long TO catches that same 8 yard pass he couldn't catch because he was falling down due to slipping on the loose turf and now instead of 4th down it is a first down and we are moving the chains and the ball instead of punting.            Go back and watch

Another one all of us noticed was a Very advantageous slip on their part (one of very few) when Aaron Rodgers rolled out of the pocket went to set his feet and took a seat on the turf....well if he had not fallen Anthony Henry would have gotten the only clean shot on him that he would have gotten all night. And how would that have effected the game (fumble, injury?), since no one has seen Rodgers take a shot yet.?

Jump back to '94 and that sorry field in Candlestick park and turning the ball over 3 times for 21 points in the first 5 minutes of the game with the 49ers. Watch our guys slide and then the ball gets punched out as they are concentrating on their footing. WHY is that fair?    Same with that lousy field in Pittsburg in the end of the season when they let every High School and College team in PA play on it and stomp it into mud.  Suddenly every teams' million dollar players are slipping and sliding and risking their careers.   Heck the Steelers almooost lost to the winless Dolphins last year in the muddy madness of that useless bunch of muck!     The same goes for those sorry Eagle's until they moved to the new stadium. Remember that nasty shag rug they called Astro turf that was a quarter of an inch of rug-burn over the top of four feet of hard concrete?!!       Who can forget Michael Irvin after his contact with that "field"!

Why is this allowed to go on?     Isn't it obvious when the ground's crews have to spray green paint on the dirt or mud just to fool everyone watching on TV into believing it is a nice field?  And any field where big chunks come flying out means that it (the grass) is not doing the job it is there for (because there are a number of grass fields in the NFL that do just fine...but not cold weather grass fields or fields that get used like Grand Central Station, especially when you throw in rain).

It is one thing to battle the elements of a winter storm or high and swirling winds in the Meadowlands, that is Mother Nature, but to have that Compounded by footing that is so sub-standard that it hinders the game and puts people at risk and or gives one team an advantage...well is that fair?   And if it is then shouldn't we be thinking of a way to "Belichek" it (stretch the rules to the limits to make sure we get even the slightest edge) in our new field!!!!   Heck as far as that goes install mirrors so that the sun can hammer the opposing team's sidelines and the light hinders their ability to see what is happening on the fied so the coaches ability to make sight adjustments is neutralized and the heat rises exponentially.      Tit for Tat

If you leave the door open for home field advantages then watch out!   We already know that teams pipe in crowd noise and amp up volumes, they make you wear dark colors when it is really hot and white's when it is cold.   So come on Commish, you regulate Everything else in the NFL, -regulate the very ground the franchise  players play on cause you can blow out a knee real easily on junk like that... and for all of those who don't believe me just go back in the 3rd quarter and watch DeMarcus Ware as he is engaging a Packer and his feet scissor out, sliding apart  while he is fully engaging another man doing his best to push him into the ground, and watch how helpless he is because he can't stop them!  As I watched I winced and thought, "oh no, his knee," but thanks be to God, he was okay.      

Unfair advantage or do we let it slide and decide to take advantage of making unfair advantages in our new billion dollar home???


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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