Tampa Bay...Here We Come!!!!


Hellz Yeah, funny story....Back in october, After my Beloved Dallas Cowboys Whipped up on the Green Bay Packers IN green bay....I was feeling pretty Good (and pretty drunk) So I (apparently) got on the Internets and reserved a room in Tampa for Super bowl weekend. I really had no plans to actually spring for tickets...but wanted to go party in the parking lot and be there for the atmosphere...Fully believing that my Dallas Cowboys would be representing the NFC in the big game.
        Now you must put this whole thing in perspective. I'd went to cleveland for the season opener to see,1st hand,the boyz put the smackdown on the lowly browns. The following week I traveled to Dallas to watch the boyz and the Philadelphia eagles duke it out in one of the best games I'd ever witnessed...It was an absolute shootout....Boyz winning 42-37. OK so when the boyz beat Green bay, I was really feeling it and it really looked like we were shoe-ins for the playoffs(LOL) and one of the favorites to go all the way....Needless to say something funny happened on the way to the stadium...LOL....We stunk up the joint....
           Anywho...Last night I'm here at the house just kicking back....I get a phone call from Floida, asking If I'd be needing any special requests during my stay! Dude....I totally slept on it, didn't even remember making the reservations. I told him I wasn't coming and that I'd need to cancel.....But was told that the stay was pre-payed....LOL...I never even noticed that my Credit card had been charged.....and It was NON refundable!!!!!
           BUMMER....was my first second was


So me and the missus left this morning....We're in a Waffle house in Savannah Georgia right now....Loading up on caffeine....Headed to Tampa for the Super Bowl....The Hotel is comping us tickets to the MAXIM magazine Super Bowl Party tommorrow night....So It really ought to be alot of fun. Needless to say I'm missing a few workouts...But They do have a really nice Gym at the I'll do what I can....Brought all my supps so that won't be messed up either!

              So everybody when you're settling down for the pre game on sunday,when they are showing all the fans tailgating....Think....OLD TrueBlue24 is out there...somewhere...Having the time of his life!!!!!

               I guess I just wanted to let my BTB Brothers know that at least one of us COWBOYS made it to Tampa for the BIG GAME!

You guys have a great Weekend!!!!!

Oh yeah..."Go CARDS"

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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