I wish Garrett would learn to go with the hot hand…

Was I the only one wondering why he continued to give the bulk of the carries to Barber yesterday when it was clear, early on, that Choice was having the better day?  Garrett just seems to lock into an idea of what this team is supposed to do and it takes him a long time to break out of it and change things up; even after that evidence is there that a different direction would be more effective. 


Going forward I’d love to see him go with the hot hand; meaning that if Choice is clearly having the better game than let him get the bulk of carries for that game and then let the other guys spell relief.  The next week it might be Felix, and the week after that Barber.   If someone is on a roll let them stay on a roll, much in the same way that a basketball coach will often give more minutes to a bench player in a particular game if he gets hot. 


Same thing goes for the wide outs.  Against Atlanta I expect to see Austin in the starting lineup, (not Crayton).  I think he’s earned that after yesterday’s performance.  But why do I have this foreboding feeling that Mr. “no-separation” Crayton will start.



I don’t think I have ever seen a defensive team in all my years of watching NFL football find more ways to give up a 3rd and very long than Wade’s group over the past few years.   Yesterday during that 3 & 26 I turned to me wife and said, “I guarantee you this unit will find a way to blow this and give the Chiefs a first down.”  Sure enough, one Alan Ball penalty later, the Chiefs were in business with a first and 10. 


The two minute defense under Wade just might be the worst in Cowboys history.  You can count on these guys to blow it every single time they are called on to close out a half or a game.  Why is this?  How can this unit play so well for well 28 minutes a half only to fall apart in the final two.  Is it perhaps the “prevent” that in reality prevents nothing.   I much prefer Rex Ryan’s approach of turning up the pressure during crunch time.  As bad as the Chiefs pass protection was yesterday I would love to have seen two or three all out blitzes.  I mean why not, it’s not like the safer approach kept them out of the end zone. 


BTW, 5 off-sides penalties (4 in one drive) has this ever happen before?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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