Poor drafting kills

Since Parcells came here in 2003 our drafting has been better but still not great.  To often we get only 1 or 2 good players out of a draft class.  If you look at the draft classes since 2000 you'll see that we blow some whole classes.  The players drafted in the last 10 years should make up the core of your team.

The 2000 draft was a complete bust.  None of the players are even in the league anymore so they are not contributing anything to our team.  Jerry tried fixing the secondary and drafted Dwayne Goodrich, Kareem Larimore, and Mario Edwards.  Sadly Edwards a 6th round pick was probably the best.  The other 2 picks were RB Michael Wiley and OLB Orantes Grant. 

2001 was another completely lost draft.  QB Quincy Carter was decent for a few years then got released.  S Tony Dixon was never any good, and the rest of the players were never any good either. 

2002 landed us 1 starter C Andre Gurode who taken in the 2nd round.  Antonio Bryant is a quality player but not in Dallas.  S Roy Williams made a few Pro Bowls but couldn't cover anyone.  Derek Ross was a decent starter for a year but I think he's in prison now.  The rest of the players made no impact.

2003 landed us 3 starters.  CB Terrence Newman, TE Jason Witten, and ILB Bradie James.  C Al Johnson was decent starter but isn't in Dallas anymore.

2004 is pretty much a lost draft with only WR Patrick Crayton still on the team.  RB Julius Jones was a decent starter but isn't in Dallas anymore.

The 2005 draft looked good a few years ago but is losing its luster.  It did produce 4 very good starters in OLB DeMarcus Ware, DE Marcus Spears, RB Marion Barber, and NT Jay Ratliff, but it could have been much better.  Kevin Burnett and Chris Canty aren't here anymore.  Spears while he is a starter really doesn't make much of an impact.

2006 finds us with another bad class.  Carpenter is still on the team but isn't good.  Fasano is in Miami.  S Pat Watkins is the only player who has briefly started from this class.  DE Jason Hatcher is a decent role player but not much more.  The rest of the class hasn't done anything.

2007 gave us 1 starter in OLB Anthony Spencer who seems to be improving.  Kicker Nick Folk was a find and FB Deon Anderson is solid.  The rest of the class hasn't shown anything.  

It's to early to truly rate the 2008 class but it looks good.  Jenkins is a solid starter and is getting better.  Jones if he can stay healthy is a explosive player.  Bennett isn't developing quickly but does give us something almost every game.  Choice was a great late round find.  Scandrick is a solid 3rd corner.

I have little confidence in the 2009 class.  You see very few late round players make a solid impact over 5-10 years and our highest pick was in the 3rd round.  We had a lot of late picks that may or may not ever contribute.  Of course this class will be tied to how well Roy Williams plays and so far I see nothing to justify the picks we gave up for him.

I guess my point is that while we have added some very good players in recent draft classes we have also had to many classes that have added nothing (2000 and 2001), classes that have added little (2002, 2004, 2006, and 2007)  Only the the 2003, 2005 and 2008 classes look good for the future.  To often Jerry Jones trades down and more often then not it ends with us not getting a player that is any good.  I hope in 2010 that Jones either trades up or stays pat and takes a player that will give Romo a better chance to succeed.  No matter what you think of him he is our franchise QB and unless he gets hurt or completely goes down the tube he isn't going anywhere.  So we need to give him better weapons to succeed. 

P.S. I wrote a comment earlier that had a profanity in it.  I personally didn't think it would offend anyone but if it did I apologize.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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