If you want to jump ship........then jump ship

I just had to get this off my chest. Yes, i like everyone on this site was pissed off at the way the game ended yesterday. But as i listened to the game on the radio on my way home from the airport, it was the final drive for the cowboys and my heart was about to beat out of my chest. Thats when i realized how much i LOVE being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. There was a previous fan post of a guy quiting on his team after 29 years. Are you serious? What happens if Hurd shields off Champ Bailey the way he should have and caught that ball? You still jumping ship? I doubt it. What happens if Austin comes out of his break toward the sideline like HE WAS SUPOSSED to do and catches that pass instead of Romo taking the blame for another interception that wasn't his fault. Blame Romo all you want, but they didn't lose that game because of Romo. They lost that game as a team.

The O-line gave up 5 count them 5 sacks.

Too many penalties to put them in long down situations.

Receivers not coming out of there routes correctly.

Barber being banged up in the second half.

Williams being hurt on the last two drives. So what you say? How would you have liked to have him for a fade in the last few plays.

You could not use Bennett for one because #1, he has not shown this year that you can count on him, # 2, he had to stay in and block because denver sent the house and our line wasn't blocking squat.

And hey, give Denver's Defense a little credit here. They played a damn good game. A much better game than the "ELITE GIANTS" played against us.

How about the entire secondary on Brandon Marshall's touchdown. Anybody else notice that Jay Ratliff was the one hustling into the endzone trying to catch him from behind while the secondary just sat and watched.

My point is, all the good comes with some bad. And if after 29 years you should realize that. I hate to say it, but that is the classic definition of a bandwagon fan. To jump ship when things get a little rocky. I wonder, was your wife amazed at your Nostrodomus ways when you predicted that Romo would make an awesome play on fourth down to put us in a play to win the game?

Look, everyone is frustrated, and i spent all day pissed off about the game. And trust me when I tell you have more important things in my life going on right now than to worry about the a Cowboys game. But it bothered me that bad. Just as bad as it bothered everybody else that wants to jump ship or bench Romo.  So if you want to jump ship then walk the plank. I love the Cowboys through the good and the bad. From 1-15 to the team of the 90's through the Campo years, through the disappointing Parcells years, to the disappointing present. But hope is what keeps me coming back. Next week is what keeps me coming back. Guys like Keith Brooking, Jay Ratliff, Marc Columbo, Jason Witten, Marion Barber, and yes Tony Romo, those are the guys that keep me coming back.

We're 2-2 for goodness sake. Just chill. But if not, make sure you wear a life jacket when you jump so we can scoop you out of the water if things turn around.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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