This is the 2009 version of DAL vs. ARI

Could we lose any more players to injury? We about were out of offensive line backups at one point.

The team is now extremely beat up:

Colombo (I'd say out for season)
Jenkins (he should recover, but still)
Flozell (he returned, but it's not like he was stonewalling people. His injuries tend to linger, too)
Hamlin (he was actually playing well this game, Watkins not so much, though he wasn't terrible)
Romo (not injured, but just getting hammered back there)
Bradie (he came back, but the sight of Wade calling Bobby to get in the game was scary, to say the least)

What else could've gone wrong? Oh, how about the WORST OFFICIATING I've ever seen:

The PR fumble that was somehow overturned should've not had any chance of being overturned. There was no evidence to show conclusively that McBriar touched him before his knee came back up. Should've been a fumble. Instead, TD Packers.

Romo gets blasted (thanks, Flo) and fumbles, but Felix recovers. Is down, but gets stripped. Refs let play go, and GB gets it eventually (on the 2 yard line). SOMEHOW, this play is not reviewable. WTF? How can you NOT review that? That makes no sense to me. It may be the rule, and that's fine, but it's a dumb rule. Plain and simple. Should've been 3rd and long with a probable punt. Instead, TD Packers.

Mike McCarthy challenges a Patrick Crayton catch, but he's OUT OF CHALLENGES. I'm screaming at the TV, waiting for Wade to charge the idiot ref and beat him over the head with his own challenge flag. Meanwhile, we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And FINALLY, we realize that they are in fact out of challenges.

Two things:


Two: Shouldn't that be a penalty of some sort? Delay of game? Charge them a timeout? I mean, they got a free five minutes with no repercussion. That's ridiculous.

So then we score (FINALLY), and it's 7-17. Sorry, but it's only 7-3 in my mind, and we win. Two TDs by referee blunders are b/s in my opinion.

Meanwhile, in reality, we lose the game and a ton of valuable starters. Hopefully Colombo is the only season-ender, but still. This is the kind of loss that can destroy a season. Green Bay has the tiebreaker on us now, which could bite us in the end if we fall from our Division lead. And with these injuries, it's certainly possible.

Everyone's saying the Cowboys "got a big head" and that's why they lost, but really, it's just the fact that after Colombo went down, we couldn't protect Romo AT ALL (and they were without Kampman!!), and the refs totally screwed us over.

I still have some confidence in this team, but now I'm worried about getting in the playoffs again. I thought that if we won this week, we were pretty much in, because we'd have the tiebreakers over both likely 2nd place people in the NFC South and North (and the West doesn't look good enough to get a Wildcard). Now, I'm worried.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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