Cowboys vs. Redskins: A Chat With Hogs Haven

This week, I got together for a little instant message chat with KevinE over at Hogs Haven to discuss the upcoming game against the Redskins. Since it was an IM conversation, I left the spellings and errors in the text so you can read it just how how it went down.

Blogging The Boys:  So what's the story with Jim Zorn and Vinny Cerrato? Do you guys think Zorn will survive past this year?

Hogs Haven:  if you had asked me last week I'd say Zorn had 0% chance, but there aren't any big names out there. And the way they stripped the play-calling from was a real turn-off for coaches (Holmgren publically stated his displeasure of the move)

As for one knows. It certainly would win some popularity points for Snyder if he canned him. I think it depends on Cerrato's 3 2nd round picks from last year (THomas, Kelly, Davis)...if they show a lot of production the rest of the year, it'll prob be enough to save his job. Shanahan rejected Snyder's offer to come here as did Cowher. So...its anyone's guess.

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BTB:  What's the main problem on offense. Jason Campbell? The running game, the o-line? Why are they having so many problems scoring?

HH:  Oline is a huge problem. They drafted ZERO this year after losing Chris Samuels & Randy Thomas to season-ending injuries last year. There's no depth there.

Portis certainly doesn't have that boost like he used to, which is why people are happy Betts is getting the starts. Play-calling was poor at times the first half the season too...the Skins have no problem moving the ball, and then Zorn would call some obscure plays on 3rd and a Portis half-back pass. Execution has also been another back-breaker...lots of dropped balls and missed blocks...but I'd say the lion's share w/o doubt is the Oline...Skins (before bringing in Levi Jones) had THREE undrafted free agents starting

BTB: What happened last week? Why did things get better?

HH:  they ran the ball very effectively...Skins have never been able to do that all year

Joe Bugel tore the Oline a new ass at halftime vs the Falcons and ever since then they've been performing...creating holes and doing decent pass block

BTB:  Is Betts a better fit for the offense right now, or would Portis have probably done just as well with the o-line playing better?

HH:  That's been the debate all week...this was Levi Jones' 1st game at LT and he did well. But I really think Betts is a better fit. He runs hard and hits the hole. CP hit that 2000 rushing attempts plateau and it's showing. He's still a great RB tho and is invaluable in pass blocking

BTB:  Things have been better on defense, you guys do pretty well in keeping the scoring down. What's been the successful components of the defense?

HH:  Haynesworth. His force upfront has allowed Andre Carter and Brian Orakpo to have 1-1 coverage and they are reeking havoc in backfields. It also frees up London Fletcher on rushing plays. skins are on pace to have two 10-sack players...first time in 9 years and its been sorely missed in DC (they're gonna blow way past 10...each already have 7) (carter 8.0, Orakpo 7.0 to be exact)

BTB:  So the pass rush has fueled the defensive success? How has the secondary played?

HH:  depends...they're tackling has been atrocious. Big talk this week is Carlos Rogers getting benched last week after letting BMarshall blow by him on a double move

same move he got burned on by DeSean Jackson. they haven't announced if he's startnig or not, but they think he well. We lost our SS, Chris Horton, for the year which really hurts us. Reed Doughty is playing OK but has made some mistakes as well. It's upsetting Laron Landry, our FS, has 0 INTs.

BTB:  Sounds like the big battle will be between the Redskins pass rush vs. the Cowboys pass protection. Do you expect them to target new RT Marc Colombo?

HH:  definitely. there's not much targeting to do tho...Hayensworth demands all the attention. I hope Blache brings the corner blitzes which Romo seemed to have trouble with last week vs GB

BTB:  what are your expectations for the game? Prediction?

HH:  Skins seem to disappoint at all the wrong times, so call me delusional but I think the Skins can win this. The vets made it known to the young guys what this game means. WAS 26 DAL 24. If it wasn't for the loss of Hamlin and Columbo, I'd have picked DAL

BTB:  Forgot to ask, where are you on the Jason Campbell issue?

HH:  It's so tough given how bad this Oline is...he is getting sacked on 3-foot drops at some points. INEXCUSABLE. However, he's on pace to have back-to-back 3,000 yard seasons, which only 3 other legendary Redskins QBs have done in our franchise

Sentiment here is build up the Oline via the draft the next 2 years...keeping Campbell, then draft a stud QB once we get a line in here to protect him

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