What weaknesses do you see in this Pass Offense of ours?

In my previous Fanpost "when are we gonna see Tashard again Garrett", I touched on the subject of helping the pass offense with a stronger running game and better use of all the running backs, not just Tashard. It's obvious that the point of the fanpost was the running game should be used more, but another point of whether the rotation of the RB's was being used correctly was also brought up.

Putting the running game aside as a reason, what weaknesses do you see in this pass offense of ours?

Or better stated, what things need to happen to give Garrett the passing success he so sorely craves?

Obviously better blocking by the O-line. But that is a subject that is a little confusing, because pass blocking is not one of the O-lines strong suites, even if Columbo wasn't injured. But saying better blocking by the O-line is an obvious thought. But putting that aside,I'm looking for a nuance of the passing game that is not so obvious, and seeing which one brings out the most reaction out of people.

Something like designing more plays for Romo out of the pocket?

More screens to Felix and Tashard and MB3?

How about more motion from the recievers?

What about 4 WR sets?

How about play action?

Too much shotgun for your taste?

How about the option to Felix, like Vince Young does to Chris Johnson?

How about more passes to Felix?

How about more passes to Tashard?

Whatever happened to Marty B TV, because I wanted to tune in?

How about Kevin Ogletree for more than just a bubble screen?

Success in only one aspect of an offense can translate into success in another aspect of it. No defense should be able to look at, and figure out, and guess that an offense like the Dallas Cowboys offense should be one dimensional. This will make it too easy for any defense. It;s inexcusable to ever hear any defensive coordinator of another team talk about our offense as though it was vanilla, and fans should be insulted by such reality.

What would be the type of pass plays that are best suited to jumpstart an obvious stagnated and stunted pass offense that Garrett keeps going to even when it's being stopped or just plain not working? Personally, I feel Romo gets into a rythym once he jumps the pocket and makes one of his trademark plays. I would think the best way is to get a play that is designed to get him out of the pocket to do just that. Maybe Garrett is waiting to unleash that in the playoffs. The problem is, we still haven't locked up the division, and the Giants game and 2nd Eagles game both loom as the real tests. And with they're rabid need to get to Romo, i fear he won't have the time.

So putting the running game and offensive line issues aside....

What would you have happen? Inquiring minds want to know......!




Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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