Relax Dallas Fans; Roy Williams Isn’t Turning Into T.O.



There was a section on about Roy Williams possibly being another Terrell Owens which we can all sum up in a few words like selfish, whiny, and destructive.

The quotes given were taken from a direct article by Tom Orsborn on

Roy Williams said, "I’m the No. 1 receiver, but things are just going No. 2’s way."

Immediately, one could think that he is complaining about the ball not being thrown to him, but that isn’t the case here.

This rumor here needs to be blown into tiny little pieces before ESPN starts acting unprofessional and reporting this junk, and I will start preparing my TNT right now.

For one thing, couldn’t the statement mean that things are working for Miles Austin instead of Miles Austin is getting the ball more than him?

Roy Williams has not been the productive receiver that he was in Detroit, and that is disappointing, considering Dallas traded a first, a third, and a sixth round draft pick for Roy Williams and a seventh round pick.

I think that was has happened with the lack of production between Williams and Romo is a series of accidents and miscues between the quarterback and the wide receiver.

Passing is all about timing. It isn’t like the Madden games, where you just press the button and the ball goes directly to the receiver accurately.

The receiver has to know the routes, has to know the passer’s tendencies, and vice-versa.

Roy Williams frustratingly said that the balls aren’t being thrown correctly though. "I’m stretching and falling and doing everything. Everybody who’s been here, (their) balls are there. Our footballs (thrown from Romo to Williams) are everywhere right now."

Yeah, that sounds negative, but he’s a receiver. Every receiver wants the ball.

He isn’t trying to say that he needs the ball over everyone. He’s saying that he and Romo need to be on the same page more often so that he can prove to Dallas fans that he is a great receiver.

Now, I don’t know who is at fault on those passes. I can’t read their minds, but it could be Romo’s fault. It could be Williams’ fault.

What I do know is that there is an old saying out there.

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Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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