Pigskin Pundits Predictors Picking Philly



Peter King: Eagles 31, Cowboys 20. "I know this is going to be a controversial point in the Westbrook household, and I value Brian Westbrook very highly as a player and important cog in the Eagles' success. But today, right now, Philly doesn't lose a lot -- except on blitz pickup, where Westbrook's a gem -- with LeSean McCoy in the lineup." The wildly biased fanvote favors the Eagles with 73%.

USAToday's Panel of Pigskin Pundits is split 4-4. Pete O'Brian as the Cowboys ahead 24-17: "Roy Williams says he's not on the same page as Tony Romo. Maybe it would help if he stopped staring at his paystub wondering how such a mammoth underachiever could get paid so much."

ESPN's Experts Epiphany favors the Eagles 8-2.

SportingNews: Eagles 24, Cowboys 17. "The Eagles scored 27 points against the Redskins' fourth-ranked defense and followed that up with 40 against the Giants' third-ranked defense. They're pouncing on teams, using all their weaponry. Dallas' three-game win streak has been impressive, but it's also deceiving. Two of those teams -- Kansas City and Seattle -- were cupcakes. The Cowboys have firepower, but not enough to outscore the Eagles"

CBSSports' Fountainheads of Football Foresight is split 3-3. The Harmon Forecast has the Eagles edging the cowboys 30-28. "Cowboys QB Tony Romo has been sensational lately and has not throw an interception in three straight games. Romo could struggle against the Eagles' opportunistic defense that creates turnovers. Eagles QB Donovan McNabb came out of his two-game funk against the Giants, but he will be tested by an improved Cowboys defense." Pete Prisco: Eagles 27, Cowboys 24 "First place in the NFC East is on the line here. Both teams seem to have hit stride on offense, which could mean a lot of points. Tony Romo has to show his three-game hot streak can continue. It won't be easy against that Philly defense, but the Cowboys keep it close."

Yahoosport's Triumvirate of Thinking Talent favors the Eagles 3-0. Fanbase concures with 72%.

Foxsport's Fraternity of Football Fiends favor the Eagles 6-0.

ColdHardFootballFacts: Eagles 27, Cowboys 21. "A pivotal battle in the NFC East and the Eagles hold the biggest advantages. Both teams run very effectively, and both teams pass very effectively. The difference comes on defense. Philly is among the league leaders in Defensive Passer Rating (68.5) and Passer Rating Differential (+26.75), while the Cowboys continue to struggle in both areas. Philly also boasts one of the best defensive fronts in football, No. 2 in Defensive Hog Index, No. 6 against the run and No. 1 in forcing Negative Pass Plays. The Eagles should be able to contain Dallas’s potentially explosive ground game and passing game."

WhatifSport's Wacky and Weird Widget: Eagles 28, Cowboys 26.

Advanced NFL Stats Favor Filthy Fowl by 54%.'s Crystal-ball Conjecturing Collective favors the Cowboys 2-1.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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