Head Coaching Candidates

I know what your all thinking, we still have 3 games left and shouldn't be thinking about guys to replace Phillips but lets face it unless they win out and win at least 1 playoff game Phillips is gone.  I'm not going to say whether I think that we can that because that's not the point of this post.

I have narrowed my coaching candidates done to 3 guys. When doing this I am hoping that Jerry Jones doesn't go after a coach who has been fired already.  Philips was never a good head coach and we hoped that the talent on this team would be enough to get us to the Super Bowl.  I have read here a lot that people really like Mike Shanahan.  I have nothing against him and think that he's a very good coach but if he was hired he might want to completely change the system that we run and that would take a couple years and I don't want to wait.

My first choice would be Bill Cowher.  We all know his history and what he can do.  He's 1-1 in the Super Bowl and his teams have had a lot of success.  The thing that draws me to him the most though is that he would bring great discipline to this team.  I'm not sure if he would come out of retirement to coach us but it would be the best opportunity for him.  He would be going to a team that isn't far away and would give him a chance to win right away.

My next choice would be Russ Grimm.  I'm not sure if the former Redskin would be interested but if he was then he would be a solid candidate.  He's done a great job as an offensive line coach at both the Steelers and Cardinals.  He's more than ready to be a head coach and bring some toughness to our team.

My third choice would be Ron Rivera.  We got to watch his defense hamper the Dallas offense all game today.  Everywhere he has been a defensive coordinator his defense's have been solid.  He led the Bears defense that went to the Super Bowl and after he left that defense slipped greatly.  While at the Chargers his defense has been solid. 

I'm sure there are other candidates but those would be my top 3 choices.  I want Dallas to go with someone young who would bring some fire to this team.  After watching Phillips with his head down today it made me disgusted to be a fan.  It looked to me like he had given up hope with about 2 minutes left to play.  Was the game over, sure but as a head coach you have to set an example that your players follow and his lack of discipline has cost us his entire tenure in Dallas.  I read someone's comment earlier and he made a great point saying that there are teams playing much better then we are with less talent. 

To finish up I am not against Jason Garrett remaining as the offensive coordinator.  I know he has his critics but he has been getting better as the season has gone along and he can't do anything when the defense gives up 7 minute drives.  As for the goal line situation in today's game we probably should have called a pass but there is no excuse for your offensive line not being able to get 1 yard in 3 plays.  That falls on the players.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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