The Lost Decade

with a nod to Raf in this morning's main post, this phrase has been rattling around in my head since before this today's 1st cup of coffee.

Dear Jerry,

Thank-you for the 90's. Well, the early and middle parts at least. Latter - not so much, but SF was going through the same salary cap hell we were. And you were the only owner of the last several that had the stones to address 'The Landry Problem.' Thought you were unfairly criticized for that. And the stories about the Royal Prince on the sidelines that upset Jimmy so much were as much a part of your charm, maybe even the marketing genius to expand on the Cowboy brand.

But now? I think you've confused The Brand with The Product. As far as results go - the Dallas Cowboys have been competitively irrelevant for this entire decade. That's some pretty tall cotton when you think about it. The 60's saw the birth of a team, a coach, a GM and an owner dynamic that would revolutionize several aspects of the game. The 70's brought us to those Championships we so desperately needed to validate the greatness we all saw. And even though we slipped in the 80's, we were near great for a while. And again, I can forgive you for the late 90's because each period of success is inevitably followed by a period of decline.

But now, you've wasted an entire decade. You told me Chan Gailey was the answer, then Campo, then Parcells and now Wade. Some of them didn't even know the question. You told me Quincy Bleepin Carter was the Man. Please. You let Troy Hambrick talk his way into Emmit's job. And you tried to tell me Vinny T, Eddie George, Meshawn and Zach Thomas weren't retreads. I bought into it the whole time. Then you tried to sell me flash over substance - and a collection of primma donnas, thugs and malcontents polluted our locker room.

Don't believe this team is making the playoffs. And even if we did, who do you think we're going to beat? The only consolation I take is from failure, comes change. I think we need an honest assessment of our player talent because I think we're giving way too much credit in several areas. Coaching? We all know our HC is a dead man walking, my questions are - how much change is coming, how much subsequent needs to be made and how long will that take? Wholesale change for the sake of change is not better, it's probably more disruptive, but how do we keep the parts we want, without offering opportunities for advancement?

I'l concede the Marketing genius and business acumen. But, the critical part now is how much you're willing to change- to stop the meddling, quit undermining your own coaches and cede some power to it's rightful place. Remember the definition of insanity...

Hurry up, I don't have that many more decades left.

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Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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