Which Free Agent Kicker?

Its clear Folk has to go.  Since his surgery he has got the yips bad.   Reminds me of Vandershank.  A shame because he is was clutch in his first two years.   But maybe he can straighten things out over the offseason and we can give him another chance in training camp next year.   He has used up all his chances this year. 

I think what fits best for us to finish off this year is an aging veteran who was cut because his leg strength wasn't quite there anymore.   Beuhler means we don't have to worry about kickoffs. 

Some names for considersation:

Matt Stover - age 41 - would have been perfect, even a Dallas native.  Unfortunately picked up by the Colts on Oct 15.   Kicked 9/11 (82%) since, with one of those misses over 50.   

Mar-TEEN Gramatica - anyone want him back?  Kicked only 60% in limited action last year - probably not....

John Carney - age 45 - 13/17 (76%) - so not the greatest stats - but then we can't be that picky.  On NO roster but has been inactive for the last 3 games.   Hartley kicked ok against us, maybe NO will open up that roster spot.  Think Peyton will do us any favours - after last night... 

Mike Nugent - age 27 - a pretty ugly 3/9 this season (33%) - including 2 misses against us in the opener. Not an option - just picked up by the Cardinals

Jason Elam - age 39 - just cut by Atlanta.  A struggling 12/19.  Perfect under 30 (unlike Folk), but currently a 50:50 shot for anything longer.  Did kick 93% last year and has kicked 436 FG's in his career - but may have lost his mojo.

Shaun Suisam - age 27 - had kicked a perfect 12/12 through the first 10 games.  Basicly seems to have been cut due to 2 bad misses.   One against us from 30-39 that could have won them the game, another against NO from 20-29 that lost them that game.   Also doesn't have great leg-strength. 

Taylor Mehlhaff - age 24 - only 4 kicks in his NFL career and missed 1 (from 20-39).  Drafted by NO in the 6th round last year but cut by them.  Tried in Vikes training camp this year but lost out to Ryan Longwell (not bad competition).  A risk given his lack of experience.   Similarly Brandon Coutu was drafted by Seattle in the 7th this year buy lost out to Olindo Mare

Slim pickings.  I am sure the coaches will know of kickers who weren't able to displace a vet during training camp.   Unless they can find one, it seems to me that Suisam is the best of a not so great bunch with maybe Elam second.  He has kicked 85.7% this season, but based on the two misses you wouldn't want to rely on him in a clutch situation.  If the coaches check him out it will be more about testing his head than his leg....  But you can bet he will be motivated against the skins.  And he is familiar with the stadium.


Could be worse - Redskins picked up Gano for Suisam and he listed as questionable for Monday's game vs the Giants - hurt foot - their punter may be kicking.  (Not good for us though). 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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