Looks like the Redskins ARE the key to the Division, (for Dallas anyway)..?


On November 20, I posted this prior to the first Redskins meeting:


Are the Redskins the Key to the Division

One key thought from this post was this here:


Conventional wisdom would seem to favor the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants all splitting their season series with each other; this would make all three of them 2-2 in the division when removing the Redskin games.  I personally believe that these match ups are going to work a little differently this year in that the Eagles are going to sweep the Giants; the Giants will sweep Dallas, and the Cowboys will sweep the Eagles, but end result is the same; 2-2 for each of those 3 in the division minus the Redskins games.

The other key thought was this:


The tricky part then remains who is going to lose to the Redskins because mark my words someone will. No team has ever gone winless in NFC East match ups and it's not going to happen this year either. I think it's reasonable to assume that the team (or teams) that loses to the Redskins will miss out on the divisional crown this year.


Well the Giants and Eagles have already swept the ‘skins which leaves us with Dallas, and you better believe that Redskin nation would love nothing more than to undo the Cowboys season; there is nobody they hate more.  The Cowboys are the Redskins last hope of avoiding an 0-6 record in the division.


The question I have is; have the Redskins already packed it in for the year?  Has the level of dysfunction in the front office become so bad that they no longer even try on the field?  Up until last night they had at least been competitive in back to back to back losses to Dallas, Philly and New Orleans before beating the crap out of the Raiders.  I even thought they had a solid chance at an upset last night; instead I awake this morning to discover they suffered a 45-12 beat down.  Are the Giants just that good now?


The keys to this game are similar to the last time these two met.  Dallas needs to score early and often, if they don’t and they let the Redskins hang around, we could be in for another frustrating dog fight but this time Shaun Suisham is on the Cowboys sideline.  Yikes.  If the Cowboys get off to a quick 14-0 lead (like they did against New Orleans last Saturday) then the Redskins will pack their bags and sign off on this game and Dallas should win rather easily.  However, if this turns into another 7-6 affair it could very well be the other sideline celebrating when the final gun sounds.


As a side note:


I’ve noticed that the Redskins have started wearing their dark jerseys at home this season.  I must say this bums me out a bit.  It just doesn’t feel like a, Cowboys at Redskins game without seeing Dallas in the rarely seen blue jerseys.  Here’s to hoping the ‘skins go old school this Sunday and wear the white jerseys. 



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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