Over-Reaction Mondays

You've seen it.  You've read about it.  You've heard it.  It happens every single Monday during the NFL season.  Overreaction Monday.  The day where tons of NFL fans grab a rope and tie it around their neck.  Others get their flight plans for the Super Bowl ready.  Both are completely dumb.  

It seems that every week, no matter what the outcome of the game ..... people tend to overreact.  I wrote a Fanpost right after the Denver game about how both teams' fans were overreacting.  Dallas fans thought the team would end up with a losing record.  Denver fans thought their team would go undefeated all year, and Josh McDaniels was God.  What happened right after?  Dallas has gone 6-2 since that loss, Denver has gone 4-4.  Basically, the opposite of what everyone thought.  

We're seeing the same thing this week.  The Cowboys went into New York, and lost.  They didn't get blown out, but they didn't win.  It was a big loss to a division rival who was playing for their season.  It really could have put a nail in the Giants season, but it didn't.  Now, is it the worst thing ever?  No.  Did it even come close to comparing to the 44-6 debacle last year?  Hell no.  It was one loss.  All it means is that Dallas has to sack up and win 2 of these next 4 games, at least.  It can be done.  San Diego can be beaten, I believe.  I do think the Boys will lose to the Saints.  The Redskins game will be the one they NEED to win.  If they can go 2-1 the next 3, that makes the Philly game not as stressful, in my opinion.

This "Overreaction Monday" is also happening for the Giants.  Are people really trying to tell me that Brandon Jacobs is "back" just because he had one 72 yard catch?  Seriously?  Just last week, the Giants were no good.  Now they're back and are making the playoffs.  The Giants D has been average the last 2 months.  Now they're back cause they beat the Boys 31-24?  Didn't they give up almost 400 yards passing?  They did a great job against the run, but they're not "back" yet.

Now all this week, I keep reading new stuff on BTB that's funny in my book.  Things from "Romo shouldn't have gone to Vegas" to "Cut Scandrick" to "Cut Folk" to "Fire Wade" to "My Butt Hurts" ... you get the picture.  Everyone just needs to chill, again.  There's still 4 games left.  Like it or not, the Cowboys STILL control their own destiny.  They're not dead yet.  Don't let that December bull s**t get into your heads.  The Giants have had the same exact "slump" that the Cowboys have had the last 3 years, as you can read here.  No one mentions that, do they?  "Experts" are only there to give an opinion, they don't predict the future.

Let's see what how this team is going into Washington in Week 16 before hitting the panic button.  I realize the schedule is brutal, but it doesn't mean the Cowboys are going 0-4 ..... how do you know they won't go into New Orleans and beat them?  How huge would that be?  How do we know that Dallas can pull out a W against San Diego?  We don't .  Oh, for the record, I want them to kill the Chargers ... cause my wife is a Chargers fan, and I don't wanna hear it.  But with my luck,  the Boys will get stomped.

Basically, I've adopted a new slogan for BTB, and that slogan is:

I will not panic, unless Raf or Grizz panics first.

But I could be wrong .... and I'm the one who's not thinking right.  EXCUSE ME for being positive!!  :-P

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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