DT Ron Brace likes the Dallas Cowboys

The combine is this week. Woo hoo! That will be something to talk about for a few days.

The Cowboys could be looking for a big NT to help out in the middle. A name that's been kicked around is Boston College's Ron Brace. Here's what Brace had to say about the Cowboys in a Q&A with Patriots Insider.

Thompson: Were there two or three teams who stuck out the most to you based on who you got to meet or how they approached the interview process (at the Senior Bowl)?

Brace: The Dallas Cowboys, and one other one that was with either the Chargers or the Panthers. I really enjoyed those conversations because they really had a conversation with me, those guys really seemed interested in me as a person.

(On his weight)

Thompson: Is 329 a good playing weight for you at the next level?

Brace: I'm comfortable at the weight I'm playing right now, and I feel I'm more productive at the weight I'm at right now. I'd like to be a little bit lighter so that I can be faster, but I don't want to lose so much weight that I lose my strength. I'd like to stay between the 320 to 325 range, but if teams want me between 325 to 330, I'll be able to do that with no problem.

RW2 on being a #1. More RW2, here.

Everybody is looking for safety help but there just aren't enough good ones to go around.  (Lots of great quotes about playing safety in the NFL from Ed Reed in the article)

Todd Archer talks the QB position in free agency. We all know we need a backup QB not named Brad Johnson. Will it be a free agent? Will it be our own free agent Brooks Bollinger? Will the Cowboys spend a draft pick on a QB?

Archer also covers the RB's, here. Just the other day I was talking to Raf about the need for a FB. I like Cricket as a special teams player but he hasn't developed enough as a blocking FB for my tastes and he's been hurt occasionally. We could use a return to a some I-formation, power running and we need a beast to lead the way. That way we can really set up play-action passing which should be more of a staple of this offense. Archer hints at the possible need for a FB, too.

If there is a need, it could be at fullback. Deon Anderson improved as a lead blocker and is willing to play special teams, but he has had trouble staying healthy. Julius Crosslin spent the year on the practice squad.

I love this kid. BTW, old-timers on this blog will remember that I have an unhealthy fascination with FB's.


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