Pro Days, rumors and other Cowboys tidbits

The Cowboys want to spend a little more time with Ohio State LB Marcus Freeman. 

Senior linebacker Marcus Freeman was also one of the day's stars, improving his 40 from 4.67 (combine) to 4.50-4.55.

''I talked to a lot of coaches and a lot of them said I definitely improved my draft stock today,'' Freeman said.

Freeman has workouts scheduled with the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys, but said if the Browns come calling, ''I'll be up in Cleveland.''

Another linebacker they're talking to is Connor Barwin.

The Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders were just a few of the teams that he had formal interviews with at the NFL Combine.

The scouts were also at the University of South Florida Pro Day and one Cowboy player was already on the field.

To all of the Cowboy fans out there, Mike Jenkins was on the field and looked in top shape. He is in Tampa relaxing.

The scouts also showed up at Oklahoma State's Pro Day and made a trip to DeMarcus Ware's old school, Troy. 

More stuff after the jump.

It's the silly season. We made the "rumors list" of teams interested in Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason at ESPN Insider. Want to know how easy it is to make the list? Calvin Watkins said this recently on the DMN blog: 

With the Cowboys trading Anthony Henry to Detroit for Jon Kitna, it might be worth taking a look at Lucas as a replacement.

And ESPN Insider says this:

A rumor has sprung up via the Dallas Morning News that the Dallas Cowboys might take a look at free agent cornerback Ken Lucas.

So we made that list, too!

But Jerry says he's in no rush for a new WR, vet or in the draft. 

JJT on Killa's prospects of a return. 

He's been talking to the Chiefs, Redskins and Eagles. The Cowboys have told his agent they'd like to have him back, if he wants to play for the veteran minimum of $745,000.

Article on compensatory picks. Thanks Jacques Reeves and Houston Texans.

Ron Springs' long, tragic story has recently taken a small positive step

The former Dallas Cowboys running back remains what is considered "semi-comatose" at Medical City Dallas Hospital, but his response to stimulation from physical therapy has been noticeably improved.

Electroencephalography (EEG) results showed "more positive brain activity" when Springs was tested shortly after Christmas, according to his wife.

"Ron is more aware. He's opening his eyes," said Adriane Springs, who visits her husband every day. "I'll walk into the hospital room, and he'll turn his head and look at me."

But the doctors say don't read too much into it, yet. Meanwhile, lots of Cowboys turned out for a bowling tournament for The Ron Springs and Everson Walls Gift for Life Foundation. 

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